2011 Planner fffffound!

11 December 2010

The days are whizzing by so fast, I have to try my hardest to keep up! Today I met with Mae at SM Fairview to conceptualize another photoshoot [If you have been reading this blog long enough you may remember the shoots I've had with her. You can refresh your memory by clicking here and here]. I appreciate that she always asks me to be her "model", and of course I am always a willing participant ;) We'll prepare the props tomorrow, then we'll do the shoot next weekend. I can't wait!

I can't share many photos today as I didn't have my camera with me though. Before meeting with me she has already eaten with her bestfriend so she just accompanied me while I ate in Kenny Rogers'. After that we went to National Bookstore where we bought the materials we would needing to make the props.

I found the perfect planner while browsing the racks of journals and planners :) You may remember that I wrote in my wish list that I really want a Moleskine planner. What put me off buying it sooner though is its price. Well, I'm glad to say that today I found a very worthy alternative!

My new planner plus two new gel-ink pens [my favorite color combination - sea green and hot pink]
The name of the planner and the company behind it is not shown anywhere, but the tag says it is exclusively available at National Bookstore. Like the Moleskine, it is also made of acid-free paper. It also looks a lot like a Moleskine, but at P279.75, it is a lot more affordable. It has an elastic band [to keep prying eyes away heh], a bookmark, a birthday list, a conversion table, and time zones. Plus it also has an expandable inner pocket which is just perfect for small slips of paper or a stash of Post-Its.

What the inside pages look like
I can schedule my activities for the day by the hour, plus there is a space alloted for extra notes. I also love the monthly calendars at the edges for quick and easy reference.
There are more choices to choose from when it comes to size, whether you prefer a Daily or a Weekly Planner [mine's a Daily Planner], and colors. I could've chosen the pink planner but I figured the black one looks more *ehem* professional. 

This *ehem* professionalism seems to be short-lived though as I intend to doodle all over this planner. It is also the main reason why I wanted a no-frills planner this time. You see, I've been buying Belle de Jour planners for the last four years but decided to stop this year as [not that I have anything against BDJ planners] it does not leave much room for customization and creativity. Plus, everyone seems to have BDJ planners now, and I don't want to get the same one as everybody else has ;D

After buying everything we needed from National Bookstore, Mae and I satisfied our cravings by eating frozen yogurt at White Hat. I love it! What a perfect way to end the day ;)

Sooo, I'll have a Christmas party with my officemates this coming Wednesday, a Christmas get-together with my best friends from high school on Saturday, a photoshoot with Mae the next day, a dessert date with Mai, a family affair, an event with Ana and the rest of my blogfriends, and a year-end celebration in Tagaytay with my friends from college. Whew! No wonder I need a planner!

I'd like to show you some photos after I'm done krissyfying my new planner. I'm sure 2011 will be another awesome year filled with awesome memories, and I can't wait to keep track of them via my new planner ♥

Sorry for the poor quality of the photos. I took them using Aristotle, my Samsung Corby Delphi, as I didn't have my camera with me.

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