Style explosion

31 December 2010

Last Wednesday I attended Yvan Rodic's book signing event at Fully Booked in The Fort with my good friend and classmate from college Dewi. Aside from seeing stylish people and fabulous outfits, the event also gave me a chance to see my blog-sisters again and meet new people!

The Face Hunter
He gamely answered questions from the audience after his short talk
I especially liked it when he said style is something that comes from within. It doesn't matter what labels you're wearing or whether you're sporting the latest trends or not, so long as you are comfortable in your skin and you own whatever you're wearing, then you can be stylish. Style is in the attitude. And oh wow, what an explosion of style that night's event was!

Dress : Tomato
Camel booties : Tinsley Online
Bag : EGG
Turquoise earrings : Elaissa
Rings : Papemelroti and Anagon
Bracelet : Anagon
Me and Dewi
With Ana
With Ava
With Bestie
With Efril
With Raleene
With Kookie
With Alexa
Group photo grabbed from Ana's Facebook :)
Cocktail rings and colored nails galore :)
My cool blue nails and my amber and owl rings and Dewi's salmon nails
I did my manicure at the office earlier in the day LOL so forgive the imperfect application of polish.
Also, a certain rascal *ehem*Dane*ehem* applied polish on my knuckles making me look like a child left to play with her mom's cosmetics.
Dewi and I did not stay long though because we had to meet our other friends Eden, Karlo and Ed for dinner. We were famished! We wanted to eat at Conti's but the place was packed so we ate at the adjacent Duo instead.

Clockwise: Baked Sole Fillet, Fish and Chips Platter, Grilled Salmon
Dewi (wearing my new cheetah-print headband) and Karlo, me and Ed
After dinner we walked around High Street some more while chatting. What's funny is that we saw my other blog-friends again so it was another photo opportunity for us ;)

Grabbed from Melai :)
Honey, Melai, Ana, Ava, me, Dewi, Ed
I am so thankful I got invited to this event for I got to expand my social circle. I am so flattered and honored to be considered one of these fashionable ladies, so thanks again to the organizers and the sponsors! It was such a great way to say adieu to 2010 :)

My favorite photo of us four. Even though he wasn't with us in the frame, I loved how Karlo's shadow makes it seem like he's still part of the picture ♥

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