Tomorrow is a good day for fashionista-sighting.

28 December 2010

Manila's fashion scene is bustling with excitement, all because Yvan Rodic is here!

He will be at Fully Booked in The Fort tomorrow for a book signing/ meet-and-greet sesh and people in the fashion industry (like editors, stylists, photographers, models), fashion bloggers, and celebrities are expected to attend. Sponsored by Adidas and Status, there'll be an after-party as well that will be held at Kyss. I am so flattered to receive an invite in my inbox a couple of weeks ago, thank you Ms. Angela Fucanan!

To tell you the truth, I wasn't aware of his works before. The only time I got acquainted with his art was when the buzz about him coming here began. I checked his site and immediately became a convert. To have a photo taken with him will be a dream!

It took me a while to decide what to wear, but when I saw this one dress I just knew it will be perfect! (Thank you Mich for coming with me when I bought it!) I wish I took a photo of it, but I left it in my apartment and am currently typing this entry from my parents' house.

Can you feel my excitement radiating through your computer screens? This is such a great way to end my 2010! I started this blog intending for it to be a repository of memories, but getting invites in events like this (plus getting lovely emails from new readers ♥) is the icing on top of a delicious decadent chocolate cake :) My fashionista friend Dewi will go with me, and there we'll meet my blog-sisters Ana, Ava, Pax and Melai and schoolmate Teeyah. I can't wait to meet other fashion-savvy people as well; I'm sure the day will be filled with very stylish personalities and fabulous outfits. Ah, tomorrow is going to be so amazing!

My only fear is turning up at the event wearing the same dress as someone else XD

How about you, any last-minute plans for 2010? I hope we all have an enjoyable last three days of the year!

Animal prints, icy-blue nails and camel ankle boots,

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