A Piece of Me... in December 2010

05 December 2010

Can you believe that this is the last post for A Piece of Me in 2010? Neither can I! 2010 has been chockful of new experiences, extraordinary people and wonderful memories, and I am thankful.

I wish I can stop time so I can fit more in my year, but since there is really nothing that I can do to stop the days from metaphorically whooshing, the clock from ticking and the calendar's pages from turning, I guess I'd just have to accept the fact that life is passing by, fast, and I have to keep up. I am just really thankful that I have this blog which served as a silent witness to everything. On idle days, I just sit in front of my computer and read my old posts and comments, and each re-reading leaves me with a warm, happy feeling :)

And I smile pretty like this =)
Awww I miss my hair.
This month...

I like that I have already moved to my new apartment. As I said in a previous post, I have been living independently for more than  two years now but it's my first time to live alone, without any housemates. Yesterday my Mama came here with my sister Kyla and cousin Jerico to bring some of my stuff from my parents' house. It was already late when we finished arranging my stuff so they just spent the night here. Technically, tonight is the first night I'll be sleeping here alone. Kinda scary, yes, but exciting as well. Ah, the struggles of being a yuppie. I also like that The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader has started showing last Friday. Do you know how much I love Ben Barnes? Oh I really, really, really do! He's just so handsome, I can stare at him all day ♥♥♥ Ana and I have made plans to see it this coming Wednesday with our other blogfriends and I'm so excited! And obviously, I like that it's only a few days left before Christmas! Done with your Christmas shopping yet? What about your wish lists? Here's mine *coughcoughwinkwinkhinthintnudgenudge* ;D

I don't like that this moving to my own apartment-affair has left a kinda serious damage to my bank account, what with the number of stuff I needed to buy for my new home. Ah, the struggles of being a yuppie. I like that if anything, it has taught me to be more responsible, though. That must count for something.

I want you to know that December is a busy, busy month. [Isn't it for everyone?] Our team has planned a Christmas party which will happen on the 15th, and we'll have our Kris Kringle [or Secret Santa]. I don't know what to get for my "Secret Baby" yet x_x

I've planned to stick to my budget when shopping for presents for family and friends. Hah! Easier said than done x_x How do you stick to your Christmas shopping budget? Any special tips you would like to share? Or do you not find any problems sticking with it? [Like maybe, I am the only one who don't have the gall to not follow my shopaholic feet to where they lead.]

I want to say to someone special ALL OF YOU, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas! It's [very] easy to get lost in all the gold and glitter, but it's also best to reflect on the reason why we celebrate this season =)

*Photo taken by Watcher Concepcion and post-processed by Mae Ilagan, from the Secret Garden-themed shoot we had last October. I know I should have posted a more appropriate photo [like my stuff in the new apartment] but I am too tired to take new photos as I've been lugging heavy stuff for the last few days. Ah the struggles of being a yuppie ;D

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