16 December 2010

Whoever invented the term Holiday Rush got it right.

I don't know how and when it started. All I know is that all my days suddenly seemed to zoom so fast, I really have no idea where they've gone! Are you done with your Christmas shopping? I'm still halfway through! Malls? Packed. Roads? Traffic jams. Ideas for what to give to my aunts and uncles? Zilch. Christmas parties and get-togethers? Nothing to wear. I swear, past Christmases haven't been this stressful, ever. Then it dawned on me: I am turning into an adult.

Tonight I was supposed to be with Ana to the launch of Greater Good Apparel at the SM Mall of Asia. It would've been a fun event as our other blog-sisters will be going as well but I had to say no as I feel stretched too thin already with other holiday commitments. Also, the photoshoot Mae and I have scheduled for this coming Sunday would have to be cancelled and moved to another date as I haven't been able to find an outfit yet [anyone willing to lend me a tutu?] And I haven't even finished with my Christmas shopping! And, and, and, I'm really sorry but I haven't sent out my Christmas cheers yet. On the bright side, you will receive New Year cheers from me instead ;)

I refuse to be be a grouchy grinch so please note that I am not complaining in any way. I admit it has been stressful for me, but Christmas still remains as a joyous occasion for me and it still is my favorite part of the year [aside from summer, of course]. Besides, I thrive on rushing things. (When I was still studying I was able to produce much better outfits when the deadline is looming. I guess my creative juices didn't have any choice but to, err, be juiced.)

A good part of my December has been stressful, but of course there were high points as well.

Tequila Sunrise, Long Island, Dreadly Girl
Yesterday I went to our team's Christmas Party at Barko in Kalayaan, Quezon City. It was a pretty low-key event as compared to last year's and last month's team-building, but it was still fun :) The food wasn't really good but the drinks were great. Didn't get drunk or even buzzed up, though.

Gifts from my Secret Santa
My good friend Mich was my Secret Santa! It was really funny because all along I suspected that it was our supervisor who picked my name. Mich's bestfriend Jonas told me before that she picked Watcher, and she also kept on asking Watcher what he would want to receive. It turns out that TL Carlo picked Mich's name, and Mich picked mine! I really didn't see that coming :D She gave me two gifts: a BIG Patrick Star plushie (to add to my growing collection of under-the-sea pink plushie family! I already have Archuleta the Octopus, Kriket the Starfish, and Merly the Merlion LOL) and a box of pretty pink undies ♥

My Christmas gift to myself ♥
Remember my post about my Christmas Wish List and how I told you there is one item that has been constant in all the wish lists I have done throughout the years? Well guess what guess what guess what? I finally received my Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind DVD! It arrived last Tuesday, and that was very fast considering the holiday rush and all. It is my ultimate favorite movie and I am so happy I finally have it. Yes I am aware that movies can now be easily downloaded; I actually have the torrent copy and VCD copy already, but I really wanted the DVD. Now it's here and I am thankful :)

So, in spite of some cancelled plans, I am sure the rest of the remaining days of 2010 will still be amazing. On Saturday I'll have a Christmas get-together with my closest friends from high school and I am very excited about it. I have been friends with some of them from when we were still very young, and our friendship has certainly come a long way! I know I haven't told you guys much about them, but it's only because we very rarely see each other (the last I've seen them was May this year). Just the same, they remain my very good friends and I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world ♥

I hope you are enjoying the holidays, everyone! Any tips to stop anyone from being too holi-dazed? ;D

PS: Thank you for the Christmas cheers Ejann, Kym and Gracie! The cards you sent are all so pretty! They are much appreciated and are now kept in my memory box ♥

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