362 days before Christmas!

28 December 2010

Too many preparations and scurrying about, and before we knew it Christmas day has passed. Fret not though because ONLY 362 days to go and we'll say Merry Christmas once again! :D

I hope you all had a wonderful day, whether you celebrate it or not. As for me, I am thankful I was able to celebrate it with my family and friends.

Because I had work on Christmas day itself, I had to sleep early on Christmas eve so my family started the festivities as early as 7 o'clock. After one too many servings of crispy pata and morcon and desserts like fruit salad, halaya, leche flan, suman and garbanzos, I prepared to sleep while my phone beeps nonstop with greetings from friends and acquaintances. At around 10 o'clock, I started to send SMS greetings when my best guy friend Jerome replied, asking if it's okay to come to our house and talk. He sounded distressed and I didn't have the heart to say no so I agreed. It was so nice to see him and be a sounding board. It's always nice to be there for a friend, yes? He stayed until 11:30, but I don't have photos as I was already in my pajamas when he arrived LOL.

My sister Kyla with my cousin Jerico
The next day was spent at work, and I swear it was the best shift ever! Our direct supervisor, TL Carlo, let us off the phones for five hours. So basically we rendered only three hours' worth of work but we will still get paid in full (plus we will be paid double as it was a Legal Holiday). As for my family, they attended the Mass at the San Jose de Navotas Parish Church and then went straight to my Papa's childhood house in Malabon to visit our relatives. I went there straight after work so I am still glad I got the chance to celebrate half the day with them. I used to receive lots of gifts from my aunts and uncles but now it is the young ones' turn to receive gifts from us. And oh, what sheer joy to see them opening gifts from me! :)

When we got home, I had to leave again to go to Ric's house as one of my oldest friends Dianne (we've known each other since we were five) - whose daughter Kaylee is my godchild - was there. I figured it was the perfect chance to give her my gift.

Such a pretty girl!
I gave her a bear plushie that also doubles as a purse :)
Dianne and me
It still feels surreal sometimes when I think about how Dianne has a daughter already. I look at her and know she's a good Mom to Kaylee. I wonder how I'll fare as a Mom to my future children? :)

The next day (26th of December) we had our Old School Christmas Party at Mich's house. Why Old School? It's because instead of having a Secret Santa, we followed the traditions of old school Christmas parties where the attendees will bring gifts which will be numbered and then raffled off to everyone. It was fun not knowing which gift you'll get! Lots of other people were supposed to come but due to unforeseen circumstances, only I, Mich, Jonas, Apreal, Jed, and Mich's mom were able to attend. Mich's mom cooked spaghetti and we also bought roast chicken. If more people came, I wanted to play party games like Paper Dance and Trip to Jerusalem but we ended up singing in the videoke instead. A fun night nonetheless :)

I wonder what this is? :D
Guess whose gift I received? Mich's! I found it funny because she was also my Secret Santa in our team's Christmas Party :D I got a pretty windchime, but I won't post a photo yet because Sydney invited me to participate in a game she came up with :)

Apreal, Jonas, me, Mich
Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year! Thanks for letting me share this day with you all, and I am looking forward to reading how you spent your day as well!

Whoops, only a few more days before 2011! Any last minute plans for 2010? ;)

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