The day I ran out of ways to pose

28 July 2010

Because Project Barbie doesn't have to be completely forgotten.

I have been waiting for a follow-up to this wonderful online dress-up party that Andhari, Nikolett and Shirley came up with but everyone is busy these days. When Mae contacted me last week to model for her, of course I jumped at the chance! :D As I said, "We are only young once so it's best to wear what we want to wear now and take lots of photos so that when we're already old, we'll have pretty photos of ourselves to look back to."

Mae, Watcher, Mich and I did the shoot last Sunday at the University of the Philippines-Diliman grounds. It was raining but nothing could stop us! It actually proved a blessing in disguise as the whole place was deserted so no one bothered us :)

Mae brought her camera Maggie and gave Watcher some tips on how he can take better photos using his new camera. Fun!

It was so difficult to choose which ones to post as that 2-3 hour shoot produced over 200 photos. I literally ran out of poses to do LOL! Here are some of my favorites (there are actually more, I am saving them for future posts teehee). I hope you like them ;)

Raw photos from Mae with just the rounded frames and watermarks added:

Raw photos from Watcher with just the rounded frames and watermarks added:

And here are some post-processed photos, all taken and edited by Mae:

Special thanks to these people:




I did my own makeup and nails, and then I just used a headband and a scrunchie for my unruly hair :D

Leaving you with this photo while you decide which ones you liked best ;)

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