Krissy and the Secret Garden: Behind-the-Scenes

06 October 2010

Last Sunday my friends and I did a photoshoot at the Quezon City Circle. I was afraid it would be cancelled because it rained so hard just when we were about to get off work. Thankfully, the rain let up and if anything, it made the skies even clearer. I am glad this shoot pushed through as it is my favorite so far! :)

I still can't decide how I can go about sharing the photos here in my blog as there were three photographers: Mae, Frank, and Watcher. Marsha and Mich also went with us. It was a riot of fun and laughter! They took LOTS of photos of me and it is so hard to choose which ones to post; I thought I'd spare you the trouble of browsing through hundreds of photos of my face (LOL) so I have to make sure I choose the *ehem* best ones. I swear, this shoot provided me with a lifetime supply of Facebook profile photos! :D

For the meantime, here are some behind-the-scenes photos taken with my camera Lady Mirabou:

The gang! Minus me, of course ;D
Mae, Marsha, Mich and Watcher

Our bags, free for all! ;D
We were having so much fun that before we knew it it was evening already! Here's Frank adjusting his camera's settings.
Tinker tinker :D
Here is Quezon City's version of Singapore's Musical Fountain. Looking at those changing colors of the water is so relaxing :)
This tower's lights also change color :)
Leaving you with some of my favorites from Mae's and Watcher's sets. I'm still waiting for Frank to upload the photos he took. (He was actually joking that of all the 700+ photos he took, he will upload only three. Those are: photos of a flower, a statue, and of Watcher :D)

Taken and post-processed by Mae Ilagan
Taken and post-processed by Mae Ilagan
Taken and post-processed by Mae Ilagan
Taken by Watcher Concepcion, post-processed by Mae Ilagan
(Currently my Twitter background photo)
Taken by Watcher Concepcion, post-processed by Mae Ilagan
(This is currently my Facebook profile photo :))
I did my own makeup :) For my blog readers who haven't seen me in real life, just to set your expectations, I am prettier in photos LOL.

PS: Click here for Mae's post using photos from her set.

Now I'm tempted to change my blog's theme yet again XD

EDIT: Finished changing my blog's banner and theme at 1:10AM. I love it! What do you think? :)

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