Four Real: The New Real Leaf Ambassadors Welcome Bash

08 December 2010

Yesterday I attended the Four Real: The New Real Leaf Ambassadors Welcome Bash held at the Whitespace Events Hall in Makati City wherein the four new celebrity endorsers of Real Leaf - Piolo Pascual, KC Concepcion, Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes - were presented to the public. It is my first time to attend an event like this so you bet I was super excited! ;)

Before the program started, my friend Jonas and I treated ourselves to the food and unlimited servings of Real Leaf Green Tea they served. My friend and officemate Mich also followed after work :)

Real Leaf Green Tea comes in three variants: Honey Apple, Honey Lemon, and Honey Lychee. My favorite is Honey Apple, pictured here.
Puto bumbong and bibingka topped with budbod, grated coconut, grated cheese, and salted egg. Delicioso!
Pancit topped with boiled egg, shrimp, mushrooms, and chicken strips.
After a little delay, the program started at around 6PM.

The program was hosted by Bianca Valerio.
And the four celebrity endorsers were presented to the public!
(from left to right: Piolo Pascual, KC Concepcion, Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes)
They were all stunning and super gorgeous in person!
"Contract signing" by signing enlarged Real Leaf Green Tea bottles :)
After a short interview onstage, there was a meet-and-greet portion where the four ambassadors went to the photo wall and answered questions by the media and fans. I had a hard time approaching them at first because:

Who wouldn't have a hard time squeezing through that mob? ;D
But Jonas was really crafty and managed to sneak with these photos:

They are glowing! I'd love to have glowing skin like that :)
Real life sweethearts. Don't you just love how Marian looks adoringly at Dingdong while he answers the interviewers?
Aside from being beautiful, KC also acts, sings, and writes songs. Such a talented, well-rounded girl! Piolo is also very nice, from what I've heard about him. He posed for a "Hi Krissy!" sign for me earlier this year :)
Patience is always rewarded. After the excitement mellowed down a bit, I got the chance to have these photos taken:

Mich and me with KC and Dingdong. Mich is actually a BIG fan of KC so I'm really glad she got to experience it :)
Whew! :D
Krissy and KC ;D
I didn't get a photo with Marian though. Such a shame as my friend Charles specifically asked for a photo of her. Sorry x_x

The two pairs are from two rival networks so it was a feat for Real Leaf Green Tea to be able to bring the four of them together for this project. Not really surprising though as Real Leaf's healthy goodness can really make you make the switch! I must say that drinking this beverage was really refreshing; the unique fusion of real green tea and real honey was invigorating! Now I know what to reach for in times of stressful moments ;)

Thank you Jonas and Mich for coming with me!
And thank you Ed for the invite!
Thank you also to Coca-cola for this Christmas basket filled with goodies :)
What I wore:
white shirtdress - The GAP
studded bow belt - FAB!
oxford peeptoes  - PrimaDonna
pearl bracelet - Anagon
Keep it real with Real Leaf ;)

Real Leaf Green Tea is available in convenience stores and supermarkets nationwide for only P17 (SRP). Smaller 240ml bottles of Real Leaf Green Tea in Honey Apple are also available in stores for only P10(SRP).

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