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Introducing Aristotle, my Samsung Corby Delphi

Over the last couple of weeks I have been debating with myself whether I should get a new phone or not. I have been using Alexandra - a Nokia 2220 I bought a day after I got robbed - and she has been great so far. However, I couldn't help but wish for more bang for my buck. I can only use her to text, call and listen to the radio and let's face it, these days we want gadgets that can do *everything* (I'll be the first to admit that if ever they come up with a mobile phone that has teleporting abilities, then you can bet the world that I'll do everything I can to save up for it.)

Last Friday Marsha and I went to TriNoma so she can also apply for an RCBC credit card. While there we passed by the gadgets' section of Anson's so I can check the phones available. There are so many shiny, new, pretty gadgets! I thought the Samsung B3410w is pretty nice (and not too expensive) so I asked the shop assistant whether I can check it out. From the moment it was handed to me, I knew instantly that we were made for each other. However (and I myself am surprised that I am not being too impulsive about it) I wanted to check the reviews first so (with the fervent wish no one would buy it as it was the last stock remaining) I returned it to Diane the shop assistant and chose to sleep on it and decide overnight. One major factor I guess is because I have always been a Nokia girl. Apart from my first ever phone (a Motorola), I have always preferred a Nokia because IMO it is the most user-friendly.

The next day the Samsung B3410w - also known as Corby Delphi - is mine. :)

I dragged Marsha, Mich and Frank with me to TriNoma again to offer moral support while I buy this new gadget hee. I originally wanted it in pink and white but Anson's did not have it. Black is okay though since it looks more pro. :)

Here he is, fresh out of the box:

The package includes the unit, charger, headset, and manual.
I got the furry pink strap and phone pouch from OMG!
I also got a 4gb micro-SD card from CD-R King (they ran out of the 8gb cards hmph)

I named him Aristotle, as suggested by Mich

Proud that in spite of the Sale season I only got one other item: a pretty pair of white shades from Tomato :)

Main features include a 2.6" QVGA full-touch 256K LCD, a QWERTY keypad, WiFi capability, 2.0mp camera (not too bothered with this one since I have my camera Lady Mirabou), and 3.5mm ear-jack support. Other features can be found here.

Aristotle is my first Samsung phone and I must say I am impressed! My bias for Nokia phones shouldn't have kept me from trying other phone brands before.

Size comparison with Alexandra and Nina Garcia's The Little Black Book of Style (which I got on sale btw! P447 down from its original price of P745. Aaaaaah I love National Bookstore's month-long sales)

The sound quality is so much better than my old Alister (a Nokia 3120c which was stolen)!
Here, I am listening to my favorite radio show, Good Times with Mo of Magic 89.9.
And yes, I am using Toy Story 3's poster as my wallpaper :D

I love that I can now edit photos in my phone during my free time :)

1st photo: Buttons for Volume, Smart Lock, and Voice Recording
2nd photo: Texting using the touch screen
3rd photo: Texting using the QWERTY keypad (which still needs some getting used to XD)

I love that I can use Aristotle for texting, calling, listening to music, and taking quick snaps. Because he is WiFi-enabled, I can also use him to update my social networking sites, check my email, and blog! And I know it's funny, but the thing I am loving most about my Corby Delphi is that I can change the fonts LOL! No more boring generic fonts for me :D

So there are my quick thoughts about my new gadget. I hope that Aristotle and I will have a good working relationship for a long time. :)

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