Ylla Shoes helped fulfill my childhood dreams.

01 December 2010

When I was four, my aunt asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up. My young mind still cannot comprehend the concept of growing old [back then I thought we can choose our own birthdays. I was gunning for April 9 and I don't know now why] so I answered, "I want to be a ballerina." I loved how they wore all those pretty lace-up shoes and those sparkly, sheer "skirts" I didn't know were called tutus at the time, how they kept their hair pulled back neatly in a bun, sometimes even wearing tiaras, and how graceful they looked while dancing. Looking back, I appreciate how my young self wanted to be a ballerina; in my young mind, ballerinas were princesses.

From the time my aunt asked me that question, my dreams of what I want to be changed every other month or year: I dreamed to be a painter (but I cannot draw to save my life so...), a cashier (because I thought I'd get to take home all the money in the tills), a librarian (imagine being surrounded by books all the time! I'm such a nerd heh) a teacher, the President, a DJ, a businesswoman, a scientist, an astronaut, a shoe designer, and now a writer. I don't think I got over my dreams of being a ballerina though, but I never did get enrolled to ballet lessons (my Mama enrolled me to get piano lessons instead) and besides, it would be impossible to pull my thick and wavy hair neatly into a bun before I even had it cut. Trust me, I've tried it a thousand times.

I didn't get to be a ballerina, but it doesn't mean I have forgotten how I wanted to be one.

Before I went to Singapore last month, I browsed different online shops looking for nifty pieces I can add to my Outfit Map, and that's when I saw it. Seeing the PRIMA Ballerina Flats in Ylla Shoes' online shop brought all those childhood memories back. [I recognize I do sound melodramatic and it might sound superficial to some of you but shopping has always evoked strong emotions in me.] I instantly fell in love and after checking my size, submitted my order form.

Unfortunately, they ran out of stocks so I had to wait for a couple more weeks to get my pair. I felt a bit disappointed that I won't be able to bring it to Singapore, but I still pushed through with my order. After a little confusion and delay (mostly my fault, actually), I finally received it last week!

I loved how it came with its own shoe-bag, wrapped in delicate tissue paper  ♥
I got the one in Peach (looks more like Baby Pink, though) ♥
Proudly Philippine-made with the slogan Walk barefoot on the Earth, walk Ylla, Ylla shoes are produced carefully with local indigenous textiles to ensure the best in comfort, durability, and style. Also available in black and cream, the PRIMA Ballerina Flats have jute mess upper with cushioned pigskin leather insole, rubber non-skid soles, and satin ribbon detail.

I've already tried it on just to see how it fits (since shopping for shoes online can be quite tricky), and it's perfect! I love how comfortable it feels and how pretty it makes my feet look. I also love the black one, and I'm seriously considering getting it as well. Maybe I'll get it for my sister? :) It's the first day of December and with it comes an onslaught of Christmas parties and I just know I'll be pairing my new PRIMA Ballerina Flats with a lot of pretty dresses. In fact, I'll be going to a friend's birthday party later and I'll be wearing this with my floral romper. Happy birthday Jonas! ;D

Now on to look for the perfect sheer tulle skirt...

Each pair of PRIMA Ballerina Flats costs P990. Click here for more details and to see the other colors. Click here to visit Ylla Shoes' online shop. This is not a paid post.

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