We've come full circle

31 December 2010

As a year-ender activity my good friends from college and I wanted to go to Tagaytay again so we can make last year's out-of-town trip an annual ritual. However because of the lack of preparations we had to settle for a night-out instead. Anyway, when you're with friends, a movie and hanging-out just talking and laughing sound just as awesome.

Last night at Greenbelt, I realized just how blessed I really am. I am overwhelmed just thinking about how amazing the people I am surrounded with are, and how when you're with friends, the toughest hurdles seem much more manageable.

First we had dinner at Cafe Mediterranean. I invited Mich to this night-out so she'll be introduced to my awesome college friends.
Ed holding a full-page ad of their client Real Leaf.
(Read about how I met the four Real Leaf ambassadors here.)
After eating (very fast because the movie was about to start soon), we went straight to Cinema 4 to watch Rosario. Read my blog-sister Melai's reviews of the movie here and here. :)

Paula, also our classmate and one of Dewi's best girl friends in college, saw us after the movie. It was the first time I saw her again after we graduated almost four years ago!

Love these two :)
Love this photo :)
From there we went to McDonald's (where we also hung out after watching The Lovely Bones early this year) and bought lattes and pastries from the McCafé.

Dewi's brazo de mercedez and my rocky road bar
Paula has always loved making accessories ever since we were in college.  She made the necklace - which I covet - she wore last night.
From left to right: Ed, Paula, JV, Pawlo, Karlo, Dewi, me
Love these guys ♥
What I wore last night
I loved how the animal print headband I got from Anagon the night before gave my outfit a quirky touch :)
It has a long been accepted clichĂ© that time passes fast when you're having fun. I laughed so much last night 'til my sides and my jaws hurt, shaking away all the tiredness I have been feeling due to lack of sleep for the last couple of days. We also talked about the possibility of maybe going abroad to work in the future. Hmm, I wonder where next year's year-ender activity will be held? I got home at around 5am; still early by their standards as they still stayed behind even after Mich and I left.

I thank God for the gifts of laughter and friends. Memories from last night will forever be stored in my pink, glittering heart ♥

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