A good day for fandoms everywhere

21 July 2013

If there is anywhere in the world I wish I could have been in just a few hours ago, it would have been San Diego for Comic-Con. I don't care if I would have had to line up for hours or even camp there for days, I would have relished the experience like I do going to concerts.

Here are just four of the reasons why:

1. The cast of How I Met Your Mother

From Neil Patrick Harris: Here's a candid pic of the HIMYM cast before going onstage at ComicCon. Love this gang. 
via CBS
I really love these characters and HIMYM is one of my most favorite things on TV ever and I will be terribly sad to see them say goodbye but yeah, I agree with Carter Bays - I want to see Ted happy after finally meeting the Mother.

2. Tom Hiddleston as Loki

via Buzzfeed
"To introduce footage from Thor: The Dark World, Tom Hiddleston took to the Comic-Con stage in character as Loki. The crowd. went. INSANE." I am not really a Marvel fan but I know how awesome it must have felt for the fans to see him there. What a great guy, and a terrific actor at that.

3. Batman AND Superman in ONE movie? AAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!

via Buzzfeed
You guys know how big of Batman fan (BatFan heh) I am, so to see this development instead of a Flash or Justice League movie made me want to run all over the house pumping my fists high in the air! Apparently, this team-up is for the Man of Steel sequel. Man of Steel was just okay for me so after the initial delighted surprise wore off a little, I got a bit worried that it wouldn't be as good as Christopher Nolan's trilogy. But, whatever, let's see what happens. I wonder who would be the next Bruce Wayne now that Christian Bale has "supposedly hung up his cape." Crossing my fingers.

4. The new Catching Fire trailer and some of the cast!

I loved the Catching Fire panel and gushed at how adorable Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson answered the questions thrown at them. I just wish Josh could've been a wee bit taller, but perfect casting, I tell ya.

And of course, what we were all waiting for, the newest trailer of the  movie version of the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy!

I must have watched it more than ten times. More production budget equals a more grandiose Captiol, I love it. We even had a peek at shirtless Finnick hee.

Katniss's wedding-turned-Mockingjay dress is nothing short of spectacular. Truly Cinna's finest hour, yes?

And can we all take a moment to appreciate how vulnerable yet fiercely brave Jennifer Lawrence looked here as Katniss Everdeen:

She is A.Ma.Zing. I watched The Hunger Games in the cinema thrice last year and there was not a single second that I wasn't convinced she was Katniss, fighting for her life in the arena. What a phenomenal actress.

And then I spent the rest of the afternoon watching old episodes of Glee and feeling sad again for Cory Monteith. Glee's execs have already addressed how they're going to address Finn's absence from the show, and that is that they are leaving it to Lea Michele, which I think was nice.

I spent half of Saturday sleeping and then more than half of today glued to my computer. I can't believe it's already Monday again tomorrow. But oh well, today was a good day for the different fandoms and nerds out there including myself, so I guess I can't really complain, can I? Ha ha have a happy week ahead!


  1. did you see that himym video featuring the grown-up kids? haha! it was so funny. i'll miss the show when it ends but at least they have the entire season to plan a proper send-off.

  2. Oh, not yet! Where can I find that? O_O

  3. i'm a big HIMYM fan as well! i can't believe ted already met the mother!!! i mean i know i'm dying to know who she is already... but then again it means the series will soon be over. :( anyway, looks like you had a fun sunday :P meeeh, monday again in a few hours. boo.

  4. you can use this link:


    i swear i was laughing the entire time during this teaser video for the 9th season. hehe! the kids are hilarious.


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