Now open: The Little Things She Needs - Glorietta 3!

03 July 2013

Long time readers of this blog might remember this: A little over a year ago, we were whisked away on a field trip filled with shoes. Can you imagine ogling at shoes all afternoon? Shoegasm! o(≧∇≦o) It remains to be one of my favorite blogger events of all time because of how fun it was. 

One of my loots that day is a pretty navy blue peeptoe with chunky heels from Indonesian brand The Little Things She Needs. I wore it to a press launch we organized about two weeks ago and I love how comfortable it is.

I would like to visit TLTSN again because they do have really nice and affordable shoes and accessories, but their branches are quite far and inconvenient for me to go to: Eastwood and Robinsons Galleria. So it's great to know that they opened their Glorietta branch over the weekend!

Come visit if you haven't yet and take advantage of their opening sale! Also, take a peek at their official website, it's so pretty and looks like something I myself would design. ❤


  1. I so love your skirt <3.. Ilove l.t.s.n. Shoes but they are too big for my size. :-(

  2. I was in Eastwood last week and saw their store (for the first time) and I wanted to go inside but I was with my all-male co-workers so I told myself... "next time okay". Maybe I should visit Glorietta soon :)

    I really like your outfit, Krissy. It's also one of my go-to outfits: white shirt+pretty skirt+pretty shoes >_<


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