My Lips But Better: Ffffound!

15 July 2013

Life goes on. Hello, Monday.

It's a special moment in a girl's life when she finds her MLBB (my lips but better) lipstick. The idea of having one enticed me ever since I learned about this concept because, well, wouldn't it be nice to have a go-to lip color just because? A lipstick shade that suits my skin tone so well  a perfected, amped up version of my lip color. As what an article in a magazine I read before said, an MLBB is "what your lips would look like if you were a character in a movie."

I had been on a search for my MLBB lipstick for so long - I tried a lot of other nude lipsticks but they either made me look pale and sickly, or worse, dead! - but now I am happy to say I have finally found it!

For those who are not familiar with the brand (like me, at first), Benecos is a German brand that started in 2008 with the goal of creating high quality natural cosmetics at affordable prices. They are completely cruelty-free and do not use petroleum-based ingredients, synthetic ingredients, Genetically Modified ingredients, synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances, ethoxylated raw materials, silicon, paraffin, or mineral oil derivatives. You may visit their website here. Benecos was brought here by Canary Cosmetics, a new start-up company in the country that aims to provide natural and organic beauty products to the Philippine market. You may visit their Facebook page here. They sent me a couple of their products to review, and here is the first.

Ladies and gents, here is my review of the Benecos Slimline Natural Lipstick in Rose Love.

Get gorgeous lips with these Slimline pure mineral lipsticks that offer brilliant color, sweet aromas, and natural moisture with organic Jojoba and sunflower oils. The creamy, opaque, and stay-put formula gives lasting color. Benecos Slimline natural lipstick is super comfortable and has a soft velvety feel.

Not gonna lie. When I first uncapped this lipstick, I was a bit underwhelmed and thought, "meh", because you know I love bold colors on my lips. But when I swatched it, that "meh" turned to a big "WHOOP!" and a "YAY!"

So pretty
"Soft" and "petals" are the words that instantly came to mind.
On my lips
Really tight shots are not exactly flattering but whatever, I wanted to show you how it looks like and how it flatters my skintone perfectly.

I liked:
  • the color. It's pretty without being too loud and subtle without being boring. Perfect for Day Makeup and super flattering!
  • the finish and formulation. I have noticed that I do not need to put lip balm on first before putting this on. Non-drying and moisturizing.
  • that the brand does not hurt bunnies or any other furry babies.
  • that it doesn't have any weird taste or smell.
  • that the search for my MLBB lipstick is finally over! Yes, I feel like this is an achievement of some sort. Maturity level: unlocked. Like what I felt when I first used an eyebrow product on my brows, I feel like I have moved up further in life ha ha.
I didn't like:
  • that shades are quite limited.
  • that it costs almost as much as other more expensive makeup brands. I know that this is true for all natural-based brands, though.
It stayed on me for about three hours without drinking nor eating. To make it last longer, you might want to use the lip liner + setting powder + blotting before reapplying technique.

So will I repurchase? A resounding YES! I should probably stock up on this lipstick just to be sure, yes? Discontinued products, after you elevated them to HG-status, break my heart.

Benecos Slimline Natural Lipsticks cost P895 each and can be purchased from Canary Cosmetics.

A quick post script. A few weeks ago, I wrote about how Canary Cosmetics wins Best Online Shopping Packaging. Here's why:

I love how it looked like a gift excited to be unwrapped, and I love how I can reuse the wrapping papers!

Oh hai, look, aside from the Slimline Natural Lipstick, Ellaine and Rica gifted me with another product to try: the Benecos Natural Lipgloss! Watch out for my review of that ;)
How about you, have you found your MLBB lipstick yet?

Disclosure: The product was given to me for free but all opinions stated here are my own.


  1. wow! tis the first time i heard about the MLBB concept. interesting! not really a lipstick person (because im stuck in my teen years of just using lip tints to make me look non-pale) but this sounds like a good challenge! congrats on finding yours! :D

  2. I appreciate it when you post a photo of your whole face with the lipstick on. Swatches are sometimes not helpful because you don't see the color against the skintone.

    It looks like a good mlbb lipstick. I don't like my lip color coz it's very pale. What I'm searching for is alip color that could pass off as a natural lip color but not pale.

  3. I was ohhhed by - lip liner + setting powder + blotting before reapplying technique.

    I honestly never knew that the lipstick application alone could be this tricky. It’s maybe because I really am not that interested on make-ups but it’s really nice to know the basics like this since I believe that we should always have this information handy every time – specially girls. Back to the MLBB, I am not familiar of it and it sounds pricey but it looked really good on you J

  4. ahhhh I'm still searching for the perfect one ;A; I've gone nude (and look sickly and dead too, lol), orange, peach, glittery, etc etc etc until I realized yesterday (yes, literally yesterday) that I haven't tried any from the pink shade :O *gasp* so far my favorite is a peachy one but I still can't feel that it's my MLBB... (lol this is a new word I learnt today from you <3)

    btw you look good with it, definitely you've found your MLBB kyaah~

  5. Hee thanks, Ghoent! I've always loved lipsticks and lipgloss kasi (as evident on this blog's catch-phrase LOL), so finding the perfect nude is such a Eureka moment for me. Arte lang haha! :D

  6. Thanks, Rae! :)

    That was also the goal before, so now I'm glad I found the perfect color already. :)

  7. Thanks, Christeen! I knew about it naman from reading a LOT of beauty magazines, my favorite is Allure. It is only now that I am learning to do my own makeup (since my office enrolled us to a class) but I've always been fascinated by how some techniques can change one's look. :)


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