The Boy Who Lived

31 July 2013

Allow me to gush like a total fangirl here, but I just want to say how this date is significant to me not because it marks an important anniversary or whatever. It is significant to me because it is Harry Potter and Joanne Kathleen Rowling's birthday. ♥

Every Harry Potter chapter illustration
Harry doesn't need any Horcruxes. When JK wrote his story, she has given him and everyone in the wizarding world the gift of immortality. Long after our generation has gone, I'm sure his story will be loved by the next. Indeed, he is The Boy Who Lived. 

Aside from my copies of the seven books and supplements Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and The History of Quidditch, these books are my pride and joy mostly because I love books, movies, and books about movies:

Harry Potter Film Wizardry
My post about this book and its awesome contents can be found here.
Harry Potter Page to Screen
The biggest, thickest, heaviest, most expensive book I own
Shown beside my Kindle for scale
The Harry Potter series is more than just a children's book to me. It's a world of wonder, friendship, love, courage, and all kinds of amazing things rolled into a seven book-series that I would make sure my future library will have a special place for.

I still tear up
every. single. time.

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  1. same here Ms. Krissy! i never get tired of reading and watching Harry Potter! forever fan.


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