Watsons Men Zone presents: The Wolverine

29 July 2013

For someone who takes pride in her general knowledge about pop culture, I find it terribly embarrassing to admit that aside from the animated TV series popular in the '90s, I am not really familiar with the X-men lore. And no, I have never seen any of the movies. X-Men, X2, X-Men: The Last Stand, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, X-Men: First Class? Nope, didn't see any of them, all because I am not really a Marvel fan. (I didn't see any of the Spiderman movies either, but that's because I am not fond of spiders at all ha ha.) But when the opportunity to see Hugh Jackman take on his sixth role as Wolverine in The Wolverine presented itself, of course I could only say yes! IT IS HUGH JACKMAN. No one refuses Hugh Jackman.

Last Thursday night, Watsons Men Zone treated their friends from the media and their loyal shoppers to a special block screening of The Wolverine. Set in Japan, the movie follows Logan (I didn't even know his "normal" name, what is wrong with me??) as he makes the difficult choice between what is easy or what is right. Among other things, the movie explores how the desire for power - wealth, immortality, fame, etc. - can drive anyone to madness.

Hugh's hotness aside, let me be so bold as to say I really enjoyed the movie even more than I did Man of Steel. It felt like we were in the cinema for quite a long time because a lot of things happened, when the movie was only 126 minutes long. Hugh Jackman is a really good actor and I feel like no one else could play Wolverine better  than he can. Also, plus points for the women's badassery. ;)

I feel silly about this but I felt like enjoying the movie is almost tantamount to cheating on Batman as my favorite superhero LOL. 

In one of my favorite scenes scene in The Wolverine, Hugh Jackman was stripped off his clothes so he can be groomed by two servants. It actually reminded me of that scene in Beauty and the Beast where the pieces of talking furniture were trying to groom the Beast! After a bit of a struggle, Logan emerged from the bathroom looking dapper and without a trace of the "caveman" he was.

To help your man with his grooming and personal care essentials, Watsons has dedicated an area for men located in all Watsons stores nationwide: the men-specific Watsons Men Zone. 

In this time of options and accessibility, anyone—and we mean anyone—can be #hunkmaterial. No longer is it excusable for men to look sloppy. The time of dapper dudes has finally come. They know exactly what they want and where to get only the best of what they need. In comes the Watsons Men Zone, a one-stop shop that has anything and everything just for men.

Knowing that men hardly have the time and patience to scour through rows and rows for their grooming essentials, Watsons created the men zone. In Watsons, men’s grooming is quick, simple, and rewarding, and they house the best grooming products that’ll get men to look good and feel great.
Purchases are also duly rewarded with special gifts, freebies, and invites to exclusive events!

I was given a huge loot bag, and since I don't have a man yet, I gladly took them home for my dad and brother.

Some of the products I got are: Clear Men with cooling menthol that intensely cools and deeply nourishes the scalp; oil-zapping facial washes like Dove Men, which has a mild formula that thoroughly cleanses while effectively fighting dry skin, and Vaseline Men, which has the right amount of hydration for healthy, resilient skin, and Belo Men with DermWhite plus microbeads, which whitens and removes rough skin, Nivea Men, which is formulated with five natural ingredients for lighter, brighter skin; and L’OrĂ©al Men Expert, a smoothing action formula that prevents the recurrence of acne marks and makes skin softer and brighter; Watsons Men Moisturizing Lip Balm infused with vitamin E and peppermint to moisturize lips and sweet almond oil to prevent dryness; Old Spice High Endurance, which offers high-performing odor protection; Gatsby Aqua Deo, an innovative powder product from Japan that contains sweat and sebum-absorbing particles for lasting freshness; and Adidas Ice Dive, a fresh scent for men who live the thrill of intense pleasures.

Not only does Watsons know what’s best for women, they also expanded their expertise to cover what’s best in male grooming maintaining to be a reputable and dependable store of overall health, beauty and wellness. Way to go, Watsons!

BRB finding myself copies of all the other X-men movies released that I missed (read: ALL OF THEM).

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