Batman has risen.

19 July 2012

{This post is spoiler-free!} I literally just came out of the cinema from watching The Dark Knight Rises and went straight to a computer shop here in the mall just so I can start writing this post, while my heart is still pumping and my adrenaline is high. I will not be writing a review yet though because I don't want to spoil the movie for anyone, nor affect what you might think about the movie (although I have already sent a dozen friends an SMS saying what I thought about it mehehe).

For those who, like me, have been waiting for it since the ending credits of The Dark Knight rolled, the wait is very much worth it. The three movies starting with Batman Begins is like a wonderful gift, and The Dark Knight Rises is the ribbon that tied everything together. I laughed, I cried, I clutched my heart, I pinched the right arm of my friend Jam who was beside me numerous times because I couldn't take the excitement and awe anymore. Never have I seen anything like it, and I'm just really glad and honored to have been a witness to this spectacle. It makes me sad that there won't be another Nolan-directed Batman sequel to watch out for, but I do think the ending gives way for another superhero to emerge. (That being said, I'm happy one of my theories about the movie was proven right!) What a perfect ending. Bittersweet.

Christopher Nolan is one of the best movie directors whose movies I have had the privilege of seeing in this lifetime, and I really admire his vision and dedication. What an exceptional trilogy his Batman movies are, and I'm not just saying this because Batman is my favorite superhero. It's actually one of my secret dreams to work with him just to see genius in action!

I would love to see it again! Anyone who wants to watch with me? I promise I'm not one of those annoying people who explain every single scene even when I've already seen it ;)

PS: Allow me one teeny-tiny trivia: the lines lifted from a book that were used towards the end of the movie are also the same lines that inspired J.K. Rowling while writing the ending of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!


  1. Hi ate krissy! Just wanna ask, will I appreciate The Dark Knight Rises even though I haven't watched the 2 previous films? Haha, I wanna be sure kasi baka maguluhan ako :)

  2. Hi Bea! Pasagot ---- it's crucial to catch the two films that preceded The Dark Knight Rises. :) I-marathon mo na yung dalawa para mapanood mo na yung huling installment :)

  3. Yes, please watch Batman Begins and The Dark Knight first. It's a trilogy in the truest sense of the word :) Enjoy! ♥

  4. Wii, thank you! :)


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