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10 July 2013

I have been meaning to post a blog update for the last couple of days but I have been tied down with Kairosoft games especially Pocket Clothier and Mega Mall Story work. We are mounting six (six!) events this month and each one entails a lot of meetings and preparations.

Work is fun but since I can't really divulge a lot of details about the things we're launching, let's just talk about other fun stuff.

Before Midnight is finally showing in theaters nationwide today! Be sure to catch it. For a spoiler-free review of the third installment to one of my favorite trilogies of all time featuring my favorite fictional couple Jesse and Celine, click here.

"We love bread, we love butter, but most of all, we love our lipgloss."
I am having so much fun with these beauty reviews, and so I spent last weekend swatching a lot of stuff that I'm so excited to share with you all. :)

Au Naturel and Bad Girl palettes from Sleek
About two weeks ago I ranted on Twitter about how Customs has one of the most corrupt systems in the country. I've been ordering online from international websites (mostly books and DVDs not found here) without hitch. This first and only time I bought makeup from Luxola, it was sent to the Customs office in Pasay. My father claimed it for me, and if the lady in the counter didn't see my father's ID (he works at the Caloocan City Post Office), she would've charged me P600. Instead she just charged me P50. Why did we have to pay P600 in the beginning when P50 could've been enough? I don't think I would be ordering any other beauty products from international sites anytime soon. So anyway, I played with these colors last weekend as well. Swatches to be posted soon.

Exactly how I imagine mermaids' fins to look like - sheer orange with silvery blue-green flecks
Speaking of color, I put on my new orange polish from Hayan Korea. I like it so much. :)

Nail polishes from Anny's Desert Glam collection
And speaking of nail polish, here is the set I won from Maquillage Professionnel's contest hee. I was able to claim my prize just today.

Look at that gleeful smile anticipating all the fondue and waffles she'll eat.
Yup, I got a new waffle/ corndog maker and fondue maker haha.
When it comes to impulse buys, I am the Queen. Last week I had this weird urge to have my own fondue maker. (I want it and I want it now!) Thank God for Lazada, I got a Chocolatier Fondue and Candy Maker Set and even scored a waffle/ hotdog/ corndog maker for cheap! #Unlimeryenda mwehehe.

Body Lotion, Facial Moisturizer, and Vitamin E capsules from Myra-E
I wasn't expecting this at all because they didn't tell me they were sending me something. Whoever from the Myra-E team thought of me, thank you so much! I love scented candles so the Alice Blue is a nice touch. Much appreciated. ♥

From Neil Gaiman's newest book The Ocean at the End of the Lane
Because of my games work, I also haven't been able to catch up on my reading lately. I am still in Chapter 5 but I am getting a move on because the story is really interesting.

Forgive me this selfie, for I wanted to show you what I have been practicing on. I am learning a lot from our personal makeup classes in Maquillage Professionnel and although I wasn't able to attend last Saturday's class because I watched Despicable Me 2 with my sister, I tried to make my own "no makeup" makeup look and here is what I came up with:

Products used and reviews of products used on my next posts
The goal was to look fresh without looking like I piled a lot of products on, and I think, save for my eyebags, I was able to pull it off. I especially like my lipstick here. It's a special moment in a girl's life when she finds her MLBB (My Lips But Better) lipstick, I say.

What is happening with YOUR life? I want to catch up with you guys! I also need to read more blogs, check what's new in the local blogging scene. Care to leave your own plus recommended links? I would appreciate it a lot! ♥

PS: Please spare a prayer for my sweet friend Poly. Today should've been her birthday. I love her and I miss her every day.


  1. Boo customs. I'm wary of having stuff sent over via our local postal services mostly because I'm scared of stuff getting lost. So far the books I get from overseas get to the Makati post office safely and I only pay 50 bucks to claim them. :/

  2. ang dami mo purchases!! love 'em! :D


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