Day Makeup with Maquillage Professionnel

13 July 2013

What a packed Saturday!

I left the house early to go to Rica's condo so we can go to her wedding dress designer's atelier. She is getting married in October and I am one of her bridesmaids! Her wedding will have a bohemian theme and I am so excited because I know it is going to be amazing. ❤ 

After having my measurements taken and a quick lunch at Abe in Serendra with her mom, aunt, and fiancé Eric, Rica and I headed to Maquillage Professionnel in Burgos Circle for our Personal Beauty Makeup class. Today's lesson is about Day Makeup.

"Before" photo of our workstation
After putting on the base: primer, cream concealer, foundation, contouring
When it comes to Day Makeup, Miss Mikee said the most important thing you have to remember is to aim to look as natural as possible: hide flaws and enhance features. Meaning, no special makeup techniques to make eyes appear bigger or smaller, etc. Coverage should also be sheer and light and colors should be muted or neutral.

Extra care should also be given to make sure that you don't go too trigger-happy with shimmer. Subtlety is key.

Here are our "After" photos!

Under fluorescent lighting
Under natural light
Our shared workstation looks like it's been hit by a tornado. Or two toddlers LOL.
I love this look and I hope I can find the time to do this every day before going to work. Nevertheless, I have also formulated a quick "no makeup" makeup look that I will share with you very soon ;)

Also, this happened today:

I graduated from the Personal Beauty Makeup course! Yay!
Big thanks to Maquillage Professionnel and instructors, ARC PR, and our bosses Celine and Jenny! The instructors are all very competent (with only one look, Miss Mikee determined what foundation shade would match our skin best. I was hesitant to use what she picked for me because it looked too dark but when I tried it, it was perfect.) and if ever I would decide to pursue this as another career on the side, Maquillage Professionnel is my top choice. Now I am even more inspired to play with colors. I am so excited for new possibilities!

After our class, Rica and I headed to Fully Booked so I can take photos of - and with - the huge art installation of Mike Stilkey.

Too awesome for words!
Absolutely breathtaking. I want something like this in my future house.

And now after battling with traffic for about three hours, finally, I can rest. Ugly Betty marathon right after I hit Publish! Yay!

Hope your Saturday has been as good as mine. ❤

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