Another weekend at Casa Simeona

28 July 2013

Getting away from the city sometimes just to unwind, relax, and leave smog behind can do anyone a lot of good. I do not get to do this often, so I was excited at the prospect of spending the weekend again in Alex's house in Tagaytay with her, Kira, and Anne.

Having learned my lesson from the first time we were there, I made sure to pack light this time.

I packed all my stuff in my high school backpack.
I couldn't believe I was able to pack everything here so I couldn't shake off the feeling I forgot something!
We spent Friday night in Alex's house in ParaƱaque and left early the next day.

Alex's cat Arya
A road-trip with friends while music from the '90s plays is the best kind of road-trip there is.
We would talk, and then a great song starts and we all pause and burst into song at the same time! It felt like we were in Glee, really!

After quick stopovers in Gourmet Farms and Mahogany Market in search for herbs and other ingredients, we were home.

Alex trying to hunt for food, Hunger Games-style.

Alex gave me shoes ♥
Gummi goodness
View from Starbucks Estancia
Aside from a quick run to a nearby spa for a body massage, it seemed like all we did all weekend were eat, wash dishes, and listen and sing along to music ♥ Anne fed us. Anne fed us a LOT.

I've always found attics of houses charming, maybe because of all the rep it has gotten from books and movies. Last night was the first time I slept in one - another thing to cross off my bucket list.

How lovely to wake up to this.
Big thanks to Alex and the rest of the Lapa family for opening their Tagaytay home to us. May you never tire of inviting us over because we will definitely go, gladly.

Also, special thanks to Anne for making my belly and me happy. I miss you ladies already!

Hope you guys enjoyed your weekend, too. This coming week is going to be extremely busy as July comes to an end but I don't mind because I am also looking forward to a lot of things. My first anniversary with ARC PR, among others. ♥

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  1. i <3 your new shoes! so pretty. and the food. oh my. that was some food trip you had over the weekend. must look for that nescafe frappe here. haven't tasted that variant yet.


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