This afternoon.

20 July 2013

This week has been particularly busy (who am I kidding, in this industry every week is always busy) as we had three events for three different clients and I had to be at each one. It was fun interacting with a lot of different people but very tiring as well that I spent each waking moment wondering if it was Friday yet.

I was excited for the weekend because I made a lot of plans: see my old friends in TriNoma, shop, have a haircut, and stay overnight at my aunt's house in Malinta. When Saturday rolled around, I woke up and decided I didn't want to do anything else except stay in bed. I came down with a cold and my entire body hurts. My date with my friend got cancelled last Thursday and I was able to shop a little last night so that's all well and good, but it sucks that I wasn't able to see my baby cousins.

I found solace in my afternoon tea and Iain S. Thomas's words. Are you familiar with his blog I Wrote This For You? His words, accompanied with Jon Ellis's photographs, were always hauntingly beautiful. Whenever I feel sad and lonely, I just visit his blog and feel, if not entirely okay, at least a little better. I've always wondered who it is really that he was writing for, until he wrote this explanation. It is sad that he and Jon have already decided to stop writing in the blog, but it is good to know that he still writes (I will get myself a copy of his book Intentional Dissonance the next chance I get) and that Manila is the first city he'll visit the moment he starts touring again.

I got a free copy of the book version of his blog from his publisher more than a year ago after I said I will write a review, and I feel bad that I haven't done it yet. But as the book's dedication goes, "I'm sorry it took so long. But life, as is so often the case, is life and we forget about the promises we've made."

Now here's me taking another shot at it. Please watch out for my review of this book. Don't forget to visit his blog, too, and even get a copy of the book when you can. ❤ 

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