Why I love going to concerts

19 September 2012

Aside from books and movies, one thing I don't mind spending for are concerts. It doesn't matter if it's a local or foreign act - whenever one of my favorites stage a concert here I make sure I catch them, and if only I have unlimited funds I would even be willing to go abroad just to see my favorite artists perform live. It can be an expensive hobby, I know, but really, wouldn't you feel the same for something you might be able to experience only once in your lifetime? I mean, I can't pinpoint why exactly, but for me it's a journey that begins once the concert is announced, that continues upon getting my tickets, that extends with the excited anticipation for the day of the concert itself, that reaches great heights when I hear the opening strains of the first song, that climaxes when they play my favorite song of theirs, and that still continues days or even weeks after, depending on how wowed I was by their performance. Oh yes, I embrace every single part of the experience.

You know how hearing some songs trigger certain memories? Hearing the song live brings me the same feeling, magnified hundred times over. Even when I download songs, I always prefer the live versions because they feel more raw, more real. Maybe that's also why except for Britney Spears, I don't like 'manufactured' pop stars that much because most of them *cough*Katy Perry*cough*Rihanna*cough* sound terrible live?

Of all the concerts I've been to, my favorite would probably have to be The Script's on April 2011. There was just so much passion and energy that time and I savored every second. Although, the one that really made me emotional is Jason Mraz's on October 2011. You can check Youtube for his live performances, the guy's a musical genius! I am almost always moved to tears whenever I hear my favorites sung live, but I think nothing will compare to the night I heard A Beautiful Mess. Sigh. What a beautiful, beautiful song. Close runners-up are The Cranberries' (although they didn't play Promises. Yes, I still can't get over it haha) on April 2012 and Hanson's on March 2012. Meanwhile, the most memorable is definitely the Eraserheads: The Final Set on March 2009. Eraserheads is one of the best OPM bands, and it was an honor to be one of thousands of people who saw their final performance as a foursome. Electrifying. Overwhelming. Orgasmic. Words are not enough to describe it.

Can you see me? LOL
I was in the Silver section with Ana and my brother.
I have had this photo saved in my computer for so long that I cannot trace the original owner anymore.
If you know, please do tell me so I can credit properly.
Of course, what makes the experience so much better is the people I'm with when I watched these. My concert buddy Ana and I have been to several shows already, and I say shared experiences are always the best!

I said before that my dream concerts to go to are Britney Spears', Keane's, Natasha Bedingfield's (Unwritten means so much to me personally), The Format's, and Pink's (have you seen the video of her performing Glitter in the Air at the 2010 Grammy Awards? Breathtaking!), and when I heard that Keane will perform at the SM MOA Arena (on October 2!) my heart just stopped. I can't wait to hear my ultimate favorite love song Somewhere Only We Know live! I mean, I love the song so much I have five versions of it saved in my phone: the studio, live, and live acoustic versions, and covers done by Boyce Avenue and the Glee cast haha.

Oh man, until now I still regret not watching Hoobastank when they went here on 2004. It's a good thing they recently released a new album, I'm crossing my fingers they go on tour and visit Manila again. Also, Incubus. Sigh. They've been here a couple of times already but I still haven't been to any of their gigs! Aaand let's offer a moment of silence to the big disappointment that was last night, when we failed to go inside Araneta for Maroon 5. Sigh.

Do you love going to concerts, too? What's the best concert you've gone to?


  1. So inspired to look back on my own concert experiences... And I have to agree... Jason Mraz nga favorite ko, and even Cea! Iba sha talaga!!! <3

  2. I felt the frustration niyo last night talaga, Krissy. :( Di bale I'm sure Maroon 5 will come back here in the Philippines, magw-watch na talaga tayo for real! ♥

  3. Hala! What happened with the Maroon 5 concert pala? You were so excited pa naman to see it.

  4. Most disappointing night of my life :(


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