My kind of bar: BeautE shopping with Beauty Bar

02 July 2013

I have a love-hate relationship with online shopping. I love it but my wallet doesn't. Ever since I discovered the joys of clicking link after link of wonderful things, my shopping career (LOL) has never been the same. I mean, sure, I find pleasure in walking around malls, checking out different stores, and browsing endless racks of clothes, shoes, accessories, and books, but nothing beats the ease and convenience that online shopping provides. Besides, have you been outside and experienced Manila traffic recently? Horrible, isn't it?

I've shopped for almost everything including books, shoes, clothes, and bags online. Now, you can add beauty and skincare products to that list, too.

Beauty Bar has made shopping for beauty and skincare items easier and even more convenient with the launch of No more travelling all the way to your favorite Beauty Bar store and finding out the item you want is not available. For those who don't have a credit card, you can order online and pay at the store when you come pick it up! And get this: they also offer exclusive freebies for orders done online AND free shipping for orders worth P2,500 and above! BeautE shopping has never been better *(*´∀`*)☆ 

This is going to sound really embarrassing, but let me confess that before the event that Nuffnang invited me to a couple of weeks ago, I've never set foot inside a Beauty Bar store. I love makeup and all, but I've always found Beauty Bar intimidating. That is why when Phoebe learned about it while we were chit-chatting that night, she immediately gave me an impromptu quick tour around the store! She is one of my favorite bloggers of all time (I love how clear, cohesive, and concise her posts are), so you could just imagine how thrilled I was!

Me and Phoebe ^_^
Blogger friends Sarah, Ana, Tin, Tracy, Ava, and Yuki
I was also glad to see Kuya Yuri there!
We were part of the Student Council together back when we were in college, which according to him was only two months ago LOL
BRB waiting for some of my favorite beauty products to run out (^_−)☆

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