In outfits as in life, it is always best to be prepared.

18 July 2013

Want proof?

Exhibit A
I was invited to the press conference and exhibition opening of I Love Kusama in Ayala Museum held last Monday. The exhibit features the works of Yayoi Kusama, a Japanese artist who is one of the leading and most influential figures of the avant-garde scene and will run until September 1. I spent all weekend trying to decide what to wear, until I finally chose to wear my gold sarong that I got from Singapore back in 2004. Still, I figured I should bring backups just in case.

Here's what happened:

What I was supposed to wear VS what I ended up wearing
I was teased mercilessly by my officemates when they saw my outfit, saying I look like I was part of the exhibit -_- It was mortifying! I was swayed so in the end I opted to ditch the sarong and wear this gray structured skirt from Club Monaco instead. I figured the floral embroidery and panels make it look Japanese hee. Aside from the pain walking to and from Ayala Museum to our office caused, I think I made the right choice in switching outfits. What do you think?

Exhibit B
It rained heavily all Tuesday night and it continued until Wednesday morning. Anticipating the worst, I went to the office wearing shorts and my trusty wellies. We had an event that afternoon and I wanted to make sure my pretty peach dress (given by Helga) wouldn't get dirty and wet. The rain stopped by lunchtime and so I was able to change into my event outfit and reach the event venue unscathed.

Yep, photos were taken on the same day.
What difference does changing outfits make?
Instead of my usual shirt-and-jeans combo on regular days, I try to dress up more when we have events. Most of the time, I even make sure my outfit matches the overlying theme. For last Wednesday's SM Babies event, I dressed up in soft peach and wore dainty accessories and floral wedges. Everything's well and good, except when the night sky cleared of any rain clouds and there was not a drop in sight. I felt silly wearing my wellies on the ride home -_-

Lesson learned: In outfits as in life, it is always best to be prepared. Aside from the heels I left under my desk so I can whip out an extra pair when needed, I have to make sure I also have a pair of rubber slippers with me all the time.

BRB packing.

So there. Gotta go prepare tomorrow's outfit ;)


  1. you look so gorgeous, krissy!:)

  2. you look fab in boots :)

  3. Favorite ko na the outfit you wore during the I Love Kusama exhibit!! ♥ Super bagay sayo Krissy ♥


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