Fashion and art attack!

12 July 2013

I cannot reiterate this enough: one of best things about my job is having the chance to experience a lot of cool and fun stuff and get paid in the process!

Earlier today I immersed myself in fashion and art through the press launch of Cheap Monday Vignette. A 'brand born out of DIY philosophy and propelled into popularity by unconventional  ideologies', Cheap Monday originated in Stockholm, Sweden, and is now distributed in more than 1,800 stores in more than 35 countries all over the world. In the Philippines, Cheap Monday products are available in all Bauhaus concept stores and select Bratpack branches.

We started the event with a Tex-Mex lunch in Chihuahua.

Some of Ava's cute trinkets
Bea of I am Meg
She also has a beauty blog, which I am fond of reading because she writes so well.
I LOVE her NARS eyeshadow here, such a show-stopper!
After lunch, we went to Bratpack and were given a quick briefing on what we were about to do.

In partnership with Sharpie Permanent Marker, Cheap Monday seeks to celebrate art and promote creative expression through this engaging and interactive series of activities dubbed the Cheap Monday Vignette. The event has been mobilized through several mall stops (it was in TriNoma two weeks ago), which will center on a canvas bag designing activity.

For only P350, you can buy your own Cheap Monday canvas bag that includes a 6-piece Sharpie set, stickers, and button pins. Part of the proceeds will go to Dire Husi Initiatives Inc., a youth organization and creative social enterprise that seeks to develop art in all its forms. After you have finished designing your bag, you may upload a photo on Instagram and get a chance to win special prizes! Everyone who buys a bag also gets a voucher equivalent to a 30% discount for any regular-priced item. Sweeeeet.

Some of my friends designed bags that are on display!
They are actually part of the Caravan and the last leg of it is on July 27 to 28 in Abreeza Mall, Davao
For those who want to check out the Caravan, you can still catch this exhibit. They'll be in Bratpack in Greenbelt 5 until this Sunday. :) 

Ava busy with her bag
Seph, too.
I suck at drawing so I left mine blank and took it home for my sister to draw on.
I still can't decide what theme I will request for, though.
And here are some of the finished products from our media and blogger friends:

Guia of Meg
I LOVE her watermelon bag!
Our very own Marco's take on this Cheap Monday challenge

Matchy-matchy with Athan the adorable boy ^_^

Incidentally, I am also wearing my Cheap Monday jeans today. I love it and it's one of my favorite pairs because it's so comfy and fits me perfectly!

Top : ForMe | Jeans :Cheap Monday | Heels : Parisian
I am so excited to see what my sister will come up with! It's a good thing I did not draw on it because if I did, the only thing I would have been able to put were just polka dots and different sizes of hearts ha ha.

Hey you, if you were to design your own Cheap Monday bag, what design would you draw on it?

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  1. I adore your outfit today!:) Thanks for a fun day, krissy!


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