Goodbye, 25.

05 April 2012

In a few hours, I will bid my 25-year old self goodbye and say holla! to 26-year old me ♥ Yes, as my friend Ed put it, it's going to be my birthday a.k.a. National Lipgloss Day again!

I honestly don't know how to feel about this. Birthday blues sunk in last night while I was alone in my apartment and I just felt a bit sad because last year's birthday surprise set the bar too high that I don't know if I'll enjoy a birthday celebration again like I did that time. I hate that I sound like an ungrateful witch but I just wanted to be honest. I'm alright, but maybe I feel a bit indifferent about this because I feel like I've been cheated; the months flew by so fast that I didn't even have time to plan for this year's celebration! What happened to January? February? March? Now that I think about it, an Easter Egg-Hunt party sounds great, but I'm too pressed for time that I won't be able to prepare for it anymore. I guess I'm just going to file it under "Party Ideas to Use in the Future".

My looong vacation from the office also officially started today. I won't be back until the 18th and I'm glad I am going to have all the rest and relaxation I can get! I wanted to go out of town but because of some glitches in our pay *sadface* my monthly budget has been affected ('tis so hard to be an independent lady sometimes). We were told everything will be corrected at the end of the month, so I'm crossing my fingers. By the way, my offer still stands! I have lots of free days this time so if you need someone to tag along then I'm your girl! Just tweet or email me and let's work it out ;)

It being my birthday eve and last day in the office for quite a while, my lovely friends and I had a mini sundae party at Mini Stop. Here are some snaps from today:

Vanilla sundae ♥
I'm wearing the Candy shirt Ana gave me!
Mommy Arnz, Mommy Terry, and Mich with their cheesecake and vanilla sundaes  ♥
My mustard bag from Parisian Shoes
It's my first mustard-colored bag and I so love it!
A new pink bag from Fabric in Style!
Mommy Terry gave it to me as a birthday gift ♥
I don't know why but the color and style remind me of Elle Woods :)
And here are my birthday presents to myself:
Fairy rubber stamps-set and two double-ended ink pens in hot pink/ green and gold/ purple
from Hobby Depot.
You know I've been wanting to get rubber stamps for so long so I can personalize my planner but everything I found before were either out of stock or too expensive. And and and they also have stickers and washi tapes! Looks like I found the perfect shop to get my planner-crafting needs from :)

Here is an example of the fairies and flowers I was able to stamp on my planner already.
I can't wait to show you the rest of the stamps in the set :)
And now I'm back here in my parents' house. Tomorrow I'm going to wake up early, hear Mass, reflect, and spend the rest of the day at home with my family. No big plans, nope. More than the day being my birthday (or National Lipgloss Day), it is Good Friday, after all.

I hope you're all having a blessed Holy Week. ♥

PS: It is Angel's birthday today! Why don't you visit the Wonder Woman in her blog and drop a birthday greeting? :)

PPS: I now have Instagram! Don't you just love Android? Add me ♥

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