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"You better believe I'm coming, you better believe what I say."

Fresh from going to Hanson's concert a little more than a week ago, another foreign band that captured my young heart has reached the Philippine shores for a concert!

This is a scheduled post and by the time you read this, yes folks, I would have already been seated in the Upper B section of SMART-Araneta Coliseum with my soul sister/ concert buddy Ana to watch Irish rock band The Cranberries belt out their most famous hits plus songs from their new album, "Roses".

I don't know if they will perform this later, but I am crossing all my fingers (and toes) that they will!

Promises is my ultimate favorite The Cranberries song, and hearing it always takes me back to twelve year-old me who loves watching MTV (back when they still feature music and not these crappy reality TV shows) all day, every day. The video's a bit cheesy (okay, a lot cheesy) but you have to admit the song's good. I don't even know why twelve year-old me liked the song back then (especially as I haven't even experienced a real heartbreak then haha), but I just found myself loving it ever since I first heard it! Please concert gods, please make Dolores and the rest of the band perform this live!

If they don't, I guess hearing Analyse, Animal Instinct, Ode to My Family, and (of course!) Linger will be enough.

Still crossing my fingers (and toes!) for Promises, though!

PS: I need your help ♥

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