My Super Surprise Birthday Party!

07 April 2011

I don't know what I ever did to deserve amazing friends like the ones I have.

Not having been able to think of any concrete plans to celebrate my 25th birthday, my good friend Ed asked to meet me for dinner so he can give me his gift to me. And then, two days before my birthday, I began receiving emails from someone who introduced himself as Migz Sirfrice. I decided to go along, with Ed scheduling our dinner after this "thing". The sixth email gave me a clue: look for the second clue in Powerbooks, TriNoma, which will then lead to another clue.

As directed, I walked around TriNoma and found these:

I found the first clue behind the stack of Candy magazines in the magazine section of Powerbooks
The second clue was hidden behind the movie schedules at the Cinema
The third clue was pasted on the balloon they presented to me after I finally saw them ♥
I managed to find the first two clues easily, but (having no sense of direction heh) I had a hard time looking for "something great" in the open, which I surmised as the Garden. Since Ed told  me he was already in the mall, I asked him to meet me and then we can look for the last clue together. Ed and I walked around the Garden, where he led me to the stage right behind Starbucks. He complimented my outfit, and I said it still lacked fishnet tights. He said, "Yes, it lacks something. Them!" Then he gestured behind me, and that's when my friends jumped and yelled "Surprise!!" holding balloons, a cake, and gifts! I was so shocked and surprised and amazed! They led me up the stage while singing the birthday song, and I was filled with so much happiness and gratitude I felt like I was floating, even after I have blown my birthday candle. They then gave me the balloon with the third clue (pictured above) and led me to Bigoli.

The surprise did not stop there! A few steps away from Bigoli, Ana and Melai were waiting! I was filled with too much emotion I had to compose myself for a few seconds to process it all in: my friends from different places/ fields came together to make me feel special on my birthday. My friend and classmate from college Ed prepared this with our other classmates Karlo, Dewi, Myk, and JV, and invited my good friends from the office Mich and Garri, plus my friends from the blogging community Ana and Melai ♥ I've never felt so loved and blessed with precious friends as last night ♥

Aside from surprising me with balloons, cake and gifts, they also treated me to dinner. Melai had to go home early though, but I still appreciate she was able to pass by! I wasn't able to take photos of the food anymore, but I love that they all loved what we ate. I had to buy something for them so...

Straciatella and Fragolla gelatos for everyone! ♥

Ed, Myk, JV, Karlo
You may remember them as my four lovers who were my dates last Valentine's Day
Garri, Mich, Ana, Dewi
Girlsss ♥
My pink, glittering heart is filled with so much happiness.
Thank you guys! ♥
After dinner (filled with so much love and laughter) Mich, Garri and Ana had to go home already, while the rest of us trooped to Timezone to Videoke our hearts out, or at least until they had to close for the day at 12 midnight.

I couldn't thank you enough for planning this for me! ♥
Balloons yayyy!
Birthday girl with my gifts, balloons, and cake ♥
Jacket - Oxygen
Dress - Oxygen
Necklace - Anagon Collection
Black suede pumps - 168 Mall
This will go down in Krissyfied history as one of my most unforgettable nights EVER! I've given up hope that I will even get to have a nice enough celebration for this year, but you guys, you made my 25th birthday epic! From the tips of my toes running through my bones, THANK YOUUU!!!

My birthday treats:

My deeleeceeous birthday cake ♥
From my sunshine and serenade-in-a-box Ed:
The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern and a star photo frame with a picture of us two ♥
From Ana:
Floundering at 25 by Michelle B.  Meneses
I actually have a copy of this book already but I prefer Ana's gift to me because of the way she has underlined some specific quotes in the book, plus the personal note she has written. ♥
Because of this I'll be including my copy to the Krissyfied Surprise Gift in my giveaway.
From Mich and Garri:
A birthday card and a star plushie because "I'm a star". ♥
Plus, a birthday love package arrived today from Cebu. Thank you Meream!

Pink lovelies! A pretty necklace, tubes of lipgloss, and a handwritten note ♥
I love that it even came in a pink plastic 2Go bag hee.
Aaaand, I did tell you yesterday about a short video my blog-turned-to-real life friends Kym, Ejannz, Manju, Nashe, Tiara, and Nikolett made for me. Kym had to remove the short photo slide on the beginning of the video because of Youtube's copyright claims but it's just made up of photos of me anyway, what's important is this:

Looking at all these grand gestures of friendship and kindness makes me really wonder what I ever did to deserve all these. I am not complaining in any way, though. I just feel so blessed and loved and special and all kinds of amazeballs, and I could exhaust my reservoir of superlatives trying to thank God he gave me such wonderful friends ♥

I love you all, and thank you for making my 25th birthday super memorable!

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