Goodbye, Picnik.

21 April 2012

Because all good things always come to an end, this dreaded message appeared when I tried to access my favorite photo editing tool:

I've been expecting it, really, after they first announced the imminent closure back in January. But seeing the site has closed, for real, hit me with such a blow that left me feeling quite empty. And I know I sound like I'm over-reacting here, but this is Picnik we're talking about, people.

I have spent countless hours with Picnik - what we have is special, what we have is wonderful. Aside from prettifying my pictures and making them blog post-worthy, Picnik also helped me exercise my creativity. I admit I was trigger-happy with the photo effects during the first few months of using it, but I know my "techniques" became better through time. It's fast, easy, and reliable, plus it connects without a hitch with other sites like Facebook and Picasa, which always helps when I'm using the computers at our office diner. I even bought myself a Premium account so I can use the cute stickers and experiment with curves! I've recommended the site to my friends and they've also got nothing bad to say about it. Now that my camera is not working properly, I need it more than ever to make my photos sharper and clearer so I'm absolutely gutted to see it go.

Here are some of my favorite Picnik-ed photos:

My LOVE necklace from Anagon Collection
Patapat Bridge
Photo taken during our trip to Ilocos
Don't you just want to dive in those clear waters?
Photo taken during the same trip
make me
Photo taken on August 2010
It's weird to look at my old photos and see how skinny I was, and how long my hair was before.
Photo taken on February 2011

It's sad to see you go, Picnik. I don't know if I'll ever find a photo editing tool that would make everything easy for me as you did. All the same, I wish you the best and I am happy that I got to discover you and your awesomeness before you left the interwebs ♥

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