How do you take care of your teeth?

25 April 2012

I remember being asked by our Christian Living teacher in one of our classes back in high school what three things I would like to have with me if I suddenly found myself deserted in an island, with boats not an option. My answers? A copy of my favorite book, a pillow, and a toothbrush. Yes, a toothbrush. Having worn braces and retainers for more than four years, dental hygiene is definitely a priority for me so I always make sure my teeth is taken good care of. (Unfortunately my teeth have mis-aligned again so I'm thinking of having braces again.)

A week ago, I attended an event hosted by Listerine and Nuffnang Philippines and learned that I've been brushing my teeth incorrectly my whole life x___x My brushing rituals include rinsing with water after, but according to Dr. Tessa, that means I'm just throwing all the fluoride away. A better method would be to rinse with mouthwash instead so your teeth become armed better against tooth decay. Do you know that tooth decay is among the top oral problems afflicting Filipinos? Everyone who has experienced toothache knows how crippling the pain can be so it really should be taken seriously. To thoroughly remove germs and prevent tooth decay, dentists recommend following a complete oral care routine, which includes brushing, flossing, and rinsing with a mouthwash.

That's where Listerine comes in. 

LISTERINE®, the worldwide leader in mouthwash, proudly presents its latest innovation – new LISTERINE® Natural Green Tea, the first and only mouthwash from LISTERINE® that contains natural green tea extract and two times more fluoride, for a natural way to fight tooth decay. 
Fluoride and green tea are the two key ingredients to this innovation, both of which help to fight tooth decay. Dentists regularly recommend fluoride to fight tooth decay, due to its proven ability to strengthen enamel. Green tea may have established its popularity on the grounds of bodily health, but LISTERINE® recently discovered that green tea can also help fight tooth decay by killing bacteria and strengthening the teeth.
With these two naturally-inspired ingredients and the long-established efficacy of LISTERINE®, the new LISTERINE® Natural Green Tea works in two ways to fight tooth decay. First, it effectively kills 99.9% of the germs that cause tooth decay. Second, it helps shield teeth to prevent the onset of new tooth decay. With the new LISTERINE® Natural Green Tea, Filipinos can start fighting tooth decay the natural way.
Fighting tooth decay can now be as simple as a twice-a-day 30-second mouth rinse ;) I've actually been using this for almost a week now since we were given samples of our own to try, and I found myself liking it so much I will make sure it'll be part of my grocery list once my stash runs out. I like that it doesn't have to be diluted with water anymore, and I love the cleaner and fresher feeling it leaves my mouth even after a few hours. I have also shared with my officemates the tooth-brushing know-how I learned, and they've also been following it since :)

Very fittingly, the event was held in UMU Restaurant in Dusit Hotel, a restaurant that specializes in authentic Japanese cuisine. 

Green tea ice cream

Of course, it is always great to meet new friends :)

With Helen and Cai
With Cai and Maggie
I had a great time chatting with these lovely ladies and it felt like we've all known each other for so long! I hope we see each other again soon!

With the (tall) Arnie and Rovie
Meanwhile, I felt so diminutive next to these ladies. It didn't help that I was just wearing ballet flats haha. Always nice to see Arnie, and it was great to finally meet the girl from my rival school (back in elementary and high school), Rovie. Thanks for dropping me and Maggie off at SM North. ♥

I love learning new things (big nerd alert) and meeting new people so, thanks to Listerine and Nuffnang for inviting me! :)

The new LISTERINE® Natural Green Tea is now available in leading supermarkets, drugstores, and department stores for Php70.25 (80ml) and Php166.50 (250ml).

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