"Do you have to, do you have to let it linger?"

12 April 2012

The past couple of days have been ultra-mega-super epic and I don't even know where to begin recounting them, so I guess I'll just start where my scheduled post left off: The Cranberries in Manila concert!

Dolores, Noel, Mike and Fergal serenaded the huge crowd with their greatest hits and songs from their new album, Roses. It was song after song after song of Dolores's great singing voice and energetic dance moves! I was actually running on very low energy that night due to lack of sleep and tiring activities earlier in the day but even I jumped to my feet with Ana to dance with her and the crowd towards the last half of the show!

It was a MAGNIFICENT show. My camera wasn't able to completely capture the changing of the lights, but they were b-e-a-utiful. Dolores and the rest of the band were really talented and I am honored and glad to have been part of the audience. Thank You for the music!

I may not look it, but I am really a fan of The Cranberries. That's why when I heard they would stage a concert here, I decided I would go even though I didn't know anyone who might want to go at the time. Good thing Ana also wanted to go! Concert buddies forever, cheers! :)

As what I told her, we would be watching the show with people in their late 20s to early 30s, and I was right!  (I even saw one of my bosses with his wife :)) We were pleasantly surprised that a LOT of people turned up (more people came as compared to the Hanson concert); we were actually worried at first that we wouldn't be able to get good seats because our tickets were a little late. Good thing we were still able to get a nice spot even though the Upper B section doesn't offer reserved seats! Big thanks to my friend who gave us discounted tickets! :)

I also saw Sir Genson and Miss AK of Full Circle Communications (the PR agency I did my OJT for back in college)!
The last time I saw them was almost five years ago!
And yes, I am wearing the same shirt I wore when I watched The Script's concert almost a year ago. I had it made for my Pink Positive-themed 23rd birthday party and it's one of my favorite shirts :)

And no, The Cranberries did not sing Promises :( I am still feeling sad about this as I really, really, really wanted to hear it live. If it's any consolation, I heard a lot of girls in the restroom were also lamenting the same after the concert. Hanson didn't sing I Will Come To You in Manila, but I didn't get this disappointed. I actually listened to the live version of Promises from their Live in Madrid gig and put it on repeat until I fell asleep that night even though I know it will never compare to the experience of hearing it live.

Oh well, at least they sang Linger.

But but but but Promiseeeeees :(

Thank you, The Cranberries, for visiting Manila. I hope you'll be back again soon, and I hope by that time you'll already get to play my favorite song. Please?

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