Would you like some fries to go with that Krissyfied Burger?

22 April 2012

Some days you are in the mood for fancy food, but there will always be days when you'll be in the mood for good ol' burgers.

Times like these, BRGR: The Burger Project is here to the rescue! I love that it's located in Maginhawa Street (oh how I love that street! I have spent many an afternoon there with my friends from the office after work, and we always leave with happy tummies because of the number of food places serving a wide variety of delicious yet pocket-friendly dishes!) so I can just pop in when I'm having terrible cravings!

My blogfriends and I spent one hot sweltering afternoon there a couple of weeks ago, and we all had a great nom-nom time! ;D

Me with Pax, Ana, Angel, Sarah and Reg.
Not in the photo are Catch (who took the photo) and Paul.

When visiting new food places, the first thing I notice is the interiors. I love the little details on this restaurant. Notice how the "layers" on the wall make you think of burgers right away?

Random trivia about me: I eat vegetables but I don't like veggies on my burger. (I'm starting to notice all these random trivia scattered around my blog are all about food.) That's kinda the reason why I've skipped visiting The Burger Project even when I've visited the other food places within the area: I've always thought all their burgers come with tomatoes, onions, lettuce etc., and asking for special burgers without these might be too much of a hassle. I was wrong. It turned out customers can customize (and name!) their own burgers based on their own preferences! 

Having fun with my checklist haha.
Click for a bigger version to see what I chose :)
And TA-DA! Here's my very own KRISSYFIED burger:

YUM! Just looking at it makes me crave for more!!!
with fries on the side ;)
For those who don't want to go through the whole process of customizing their own burgers anymore, there are also some set designer burgers to choose from:

We capped the afternoon with cold bottles of beer for them and Tanduay Ice for me, then moved to PINO Resto-bar for more beer, cocktails, and margarita, and then to Moonleaf Teashop afterwards for milktea. What an odd combination, right? :D

It was a fun afternoon that stretched waaay into the night, spent with fun friends. This food/ drink trip was repeated of course, but that's another story for another day ;)

Some photos are from Catch, thank you!. Big thanks also to Ruben of BRGR: The Burger Project for accommodating us!

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