Hello 2012!

01 January 2012

There's just something about welcoming new years that makes me a little melancholic. Why yes, I had a rockin' good time celebrating New Year's Eve last night and at our family reunion earlier today, but when everything's settled, I went to my computer and read my old blog entries (and when I say old, I meant really old, as I actually looked at my Multiply Journal entries from three to four years ago). Bittersweet.

And because I don't want to let these emo feelings get the better of me (on the first day of the year, no less!), I'm  just going to shut them down and file them away on a compartment in my brain labeled "To check on a much later date". Let's just be happy and look forward to creating happier and sweeter memories, mmmkay?

One thing that makes me excited for 2012 is my Moonleaf Tea Shop 2012 Planner! I have the black limited edition one, thanks to my good friend/ officemate Michelle who gave it to me as a Christmas gift :) I had dreamt of getting one ever since I saw Moonleaf's tweets, and now it's even more special because it was given by a friend :)

I have two smartphones but nothing beats writing my itineraries down on paper. There were sooo many different types of planners to choose from (including the Paulo Coelho one that I originally wanted), but I love the minimalist feel of the Moonleaf planner because it gives me more room for self-expression and customization! Just think of all the possibilities! I aim to put my Faber Castell color pencils (also given as a gift) to good use by doodling all over it! I've also finally found a way to use the Korean stickers I got from a bazaar heehee.

I will fill the inner front covers with a collage of pictures of myself, my family and friends,
and print-outs of inspirational photos and quotes.
And here are photos of what I have done so far:

My favorite poem - Invictus - on the first blank Notes page
Jazzing the pages up with 3D and Korean stickers :)
Guess who's going to watch Disney On Ice tomorrow? I am! ♥
I have no plans for my 26th birthday yet but I placed the birthday sticker on it already just the same ;)
I put a "Goals for 2012" page on the very last blank Notes page so that I'd have that feeling of self-satisfaction once I'm done with the planner AND my goals ;D
I'm sure this planner will be filled with lots of memories - something to look back on at the next changing of years! ♥ I can just feel it... 2012 is going to be so awesome!

Hello everyone! I am Krissy, and I wish you peace, love, and lipgloss! ♥

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