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Told 'ya it's going to be a month-long celebration ;)

Chocolate Monster cake from my Aunt Nora ♥
After the Easter mass yesterday, my family headed to my father's childhood home in Malabon and had lunch there. I also finally had my cake! Shops were closed on Good Friday so I'm glad I finally got my birthday cake-fix ;)

On our way home my bestfriend Jerome sent me an SMS to invite me to a spontaneous swimming party with his badminton teammates. I actually didn't want to go at first because I still felt bad that he forgot my birthday for the second time in a row (tsk, boys) but at the same time I didn't want to ignore him forever. Images of a cold swimming pool on a hot and humid summer day eventually won me over, so I went to his house so we could go together with his brother Jonas and girlfriend Dale.

Some low-res snaps from yesterday taken using our phones:

The rest of the afternoon was spent swimming
... and singing!
I also got my birthday drink on ;D

Twins Jerome and Jonas
Jess used to be my buddy during our CAT days. I used to punch him all the time LOL.
Jerome and his sweet and pretty girlfriend Dale :)
Oh hai Jer, we've been bestfriends for, what, 12 years now.
Please remember my birthday next year, or else. Haha.
Oh hai, I met a new friend.
What a cutie :)
The celebration extended well into the night and until 3AM. It was too late that it's early that Jer's mom let me sleep at their house for a couple of hours and wait it out at least until the sun rose.

Today was very unproductive as I slept almost the whole day away. And now I am lamenting, what happened to me? I used to be able to run on three hours of sleep -__- I am really getting old. But I guess it's okay... I had a fun night anyway :) Thanks to Jer and everyone who were there! I wanted to include more photos but my friend hasn't uploaded them yet (tsk, boys).

I still have to finish an article to be submitted to our newsletter at the office. I wonder what time I'll sleep tonight. Wish me luck.

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