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11 January 2012

I made an unscheduled trip to my parents' house today even though I wasn't due to get back until the weekend. I've been sick since yesterday and there's really nothing I want/ need more than be babied by my mom ♥

I know I should be resting right now but I just want to make a quick post and share with you what has been keeping me busy these days - jazzing up my planner!

As I shared on my first post this year, I am currently using a black Moonleaf Tea Shop planner that I've already begun decorating with stickers and color pencils. However, as I was browsing Pinterest the other day (I never fail to visit this site everyday!) I got this (brilliant) idea to print them out.

Someone got crazy with photo paper and ink...
I printed out hundreds of my favorite pins and photos so I can stick them all over my planner! I thought that instead of writing down the quotes all over the pages, these snippets would be even better as they are prettier and more colorful. They would serve as perfect "bursts of inspiration" during moments I get sad, bored, or whatever. All I would need to do is turn a page, and bam! Pretty picture :)

I also found this super-cute tin case at the Landmark a couple of weeks ago, look!

Shiny P5 coin included in the photo for size reference :)
One of my favorite photos of myself taken by my friend Frank during our Holiday Party last year
Here are some of the changes I've done:

I covered up the 2012 written on the inside front cover to make it prettier and to inspire me
to make EACH day "ridiculously amazing".
"I wonder what I can put at January? OH I KNOW! DISNEY PRINCESSES!"
Actual conversation with myself. I am a very mature person.
And because my birthmonth WILL be filled with rainbows. I declare it ;)
Oh summer, I'm really looking forward to meeting you again ♥
#BeachTrips2012 #ohyeah
And for times I would want to look at something *cough*pretty*cough*, my favorite black and white photos
from the shoot I did with Tracey Heppner last year :)
I am not yet halfway done and I still have a LOT to include. Gosh, so many possibilities! I am also planning to get some sticker paper so I can also design stickers. And stamp sets! I found some online but they're all sold out, while the ones I found at the mall were so expensive T__T I need stamp sets in my life and I hope I found some affordable ones soon!

I find it a little funny since I have two smartphones and several note apps, but really, nothing compares to writing down your to-do lists on paper and crossing them off one by one, yes? I don't know about you, but doing this actually makes me more excited for what this year has to offer. It is a work in progress and I hope I can maintain this enthusiasm for this art project until the end of the year :)

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