Hello, 26!

06 April 2012

Maybe we're close friends and you know a lot about me already. Or maybe Facebook notified you. Or maybe you've overheard me talking endlessly about my birthday in the office LOL. Or maybe you read some of my birthday RTs starting last night. Or maybe you've read my blog one time too many that you've been completely aware of my birthday the moment April kicked in ;) No matter how you first came to know about it, yes, it IS my birthday today. And yes, I just turned 26 ♥

I woke up this morning to a barrage of greetings via SMS, tweets, blog comments, and Facebook wall posts from all over the world. Birthday greetings and wishes continued to pour on throughout the day, with some people even calling me on the phone. Big thanks to everyone who took a few minutes out of their day to remember me :)

A pleasant surprise came at around 9AM.

It's a HUGE bouquet of flowers from SM Accessories!

Who here doesn't like flowers?
Everyone loves flowers!
Especially when they're this pretty ♥
Thank you, SM Accessories, for this beauty queen-moment haha!
Today is also Good Friday, so instead of the usual birthday party-food, we feasted on fish and seafoods! I love how my grandma cooks sinigang sa miso

My family also went to church to hear Mass.
In the photo, the people were lining up to stick their acts of penance on the boards in front.
And then, aside from more birthday tweets and messages, I also came home to these:

A special doodle made for me by Tiara
She said it reminds her of me so she named it after me! So cute!
And an Instagram photo from Meream with the caption:
Flower delivery for . Coz in a mini parallel universe, she lives in the Alcott Study. :)
LOL, whenever Meream posts something about her dollhouse, I always bombard it with comments on how I want to live there. I am obsessed!! So it is really a big honor for her to say my parallel universe-self lives in the Alcott study. This made me so happy! :) I LOVE the name Alcott. Just so you know, I will name my future daughter Frances Alcott, after my favorite classic literature authors ♥

And I also want to share this:

Birthday SMS from Ana :)
I told on my previous post about how I was having birthday blues the other night when I was alone in the apartment. I texted a few friends, and Ana was the first to reply. Now, this is her birthday SMS for me and it's just so perfect and really spoke to what I was feeling. I'm thankful she's my friend and soul sister. Thank you, Ana! Cheers to more celebrations, experiences, and concerts! :) 

So there, 30 minutes to go and the day will be over. No fuss, no frills, and no fireworks. No crispy pata. No birthday cake (all shops are closed today *sadface*). But I have family and friends (and flowers!). I just had one of the most low-key birthday celebrations I've ever had, but to be honest, I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Thank you, everyone, for making my 26th birthday sweet and memorable ♥

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