Postura Project: Stripes and Sunshines

27 April 2012

Unbearable Manila heat makes me wish I can stay in the shower all day, but since I can't do that, I just make sure I'm armed with sunblock and dressed in comfortable clothing.

Here is what I wore to an event I attended for an online shopping site (I'll tell you more about it on a future post *wink*) earlier today:

Dress with yellow belt : BLUED | Bag - Tomato | Sandals : Grendha

It was love at first sight when I saw the "black-and-white stripes with red belt" version of this dress worn by a mannequin in BLUED yesterday that I - with my officemates Mich and Mommy Arnz - just had to go inside. I've passed by this shop in TriNoma so many times before but it was the first time I actually went in, and I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of nice (but affordable) clothes. Since I recently got a navy-and-cream striped maxi dress as a gift from another clothing brand, I decided to get this one instead while Mich got the black-and-white one. I love that it's made of cotton, it's light, and wearing it instantly makes me think of lovely, breezy summer days (very much unlike the hot and humid days we're currently having). It already comes with the yellow belt which gives a nice contrast to the cornflower blue and white stripes, but I can also use other belts depending on the look I'm going for. I LOVE IT.

Decided to pile on wrist accessories, and this is the result.
Mustard yellow leather band - Penshoppe
Peace + Love bracelet - Anagon Collection
Heart charm bracelet - gift from my bestfriend Jerome on our high school graduation
Archie and Friends charm bracelet - bought years ago from an online shop
Multi-charm ring : Maria Paulita

OMG polish in Mojito
I was planning on getting fino canes on eBay, good thing I didn't. I saw these cuties on one of my Landmark haunts and it's such a steal for only P29.75! I tried them on my nails yesterday, and this is the result. I know it looks messy, but it's my first time okay? I'll definitely practice so I can make better fruit-tips next time ;)

This is also my first outfit post showing the new haircut I got last week. It's the shortest pixie cut I've gotten yet and now I'm wondering how short I can go next time heehee. 

By the way, have you ever wondered what goes on in outfit shoots like this? Here's a peek featuring my blogger-friends:

Sarah taking Pax's photo
Shen taking Ana's photo
I didn't see them for quite a while a week so I experienced withdrawal symptoms haha. I love these girls!

It's payday weekend and my birthmonth's ending in a couple of days! Whatever timezone you're in right now, I hope you're enjoying your Friday! ♥

Postura [noun]
Literally, it translates to posture. But colloquially, “posturang-postura” is an expression used
when someone looks very well dressed. We chose the name because we want
the Postura Project to showcase proud Filipinos garbed in local fashion.
The hope for the Postura Project is to become a portal for Filipino branded fashion and locally inspired looks. Started by four fashionalism advocates Arriane Serafico, Knox Balbastro, Sarah Meier, and David Guison, it has a very simple mission. To get fellow Filipinos to start wearing something Filipino everyday.
To kick-start the movement, we’re posing a challenge to ourselves - to wear something Filipino everyday, for one whole month. This is to show how we’re loud and proud, and we firmly believe that “Made in the Philippines” can be young, fun, and fashionable. We show how it takes very little effort to incorporate a piece of Philippine fashion into your everyday outfit.

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