Start each day like it's your birthday!

01 April 2012

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Yes, I intend to do just that this whole April becaaause it IS my birthmonth! ♥

I will turn 26 on the 6th, and I honestly don't have any concrete plans yet on how I'm going to spend it. It will fall on Good Friday, and as is customary in our [predominantly Catholic country and] household, that automatically means there shouldn't be a celebration because the day should be spent reflecting on the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ. So yes, I believe it will be a low-key day for me. My 18th birthday also fell on Holy Tuesday so I had my debut party on Easter Sunday. Sooo I think Easter Sunday will be the perfect time to celebrate my birthday this year. Any ideas on how I can celebrate it?

I'm thinking of having another blog giveaway, but that will depend on my budget this month :)

Ahoy, I will go to work for ONLY seven days this month because the rest will be spent on vacation leave! This might be the worst timing to have a vacation though because I don't have any plans yet on how I'm going to spend all those free days! Unlike April of last year, my calendar this year remains largely blank x_x My vacation begins on the 6th, so, if you have any plans to go to the beach or you'll go somewhere and you want/ need someone to tag along, then please please please invite me! I'll be your girl! It doesn't matter where you want to go or what you want to do, I just want to make the most of this month and not waste it in front of my computer! Whatever it is, shoot me a tweet or an email and we'll work it out!

This April, what are you looking forward to the most?

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