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13 April 2012

During hot and humid days AND rainy days, I consider myself lucky that I don't work in an office that requires us to don corporate attire that can be too constricting for some. It is acceptable for us to go to work in a simple jeans-and-top combi, and I love it because I don't have to spend too much time getting dressed in the morning.

I know how power-dressing can influence one's outlook though, thus the term Dressed for Success, so more often than not I find my wardrobe choices leaning towards more "corporate-y" pieces. But where to go? Good thing there's a fashion brand that caters to exactly this concern: MEMO. Best thing about it? MEMO is a local brand so we are assured that the pieces are of good quality and offer value for our hard-earned money.

Step out of stifling work clothes and look cool and fresh this summer donning the latest from MEMO — designed to make you feel relaxed and comfortable despite the sweltering summer heat. MEMO kicks off the season with a collection of work wear perfect for a summer in the metro or for outof-town work-related getaways. This season, upgrade your corporate closet with cool and fresh work clothes and prepare for an Urban Escape. 
MEMO’s summer collection is all about relaxed and comfortable pieces. Hardworking urbanites stuck in the cold walls of the office then stepping outside in the blasting heat of summer can still maintain their fresh and sophisticated air in typical MEMO fashion. 
The classic check and stripes collared shirts and polos in cool colors are must haves for men for this summer. Partnered with a light jacket, this casual look can instantly turn into a power outfit.
Ladies, on the other hand, will enjoy classic, minimalist designs in contrasting vibrant summer colors. The more adventurous can revel in animal-print tops and clothes aptly designed with pockets and zippers for a utilitarian appeal, an interesting twist to the upscale business casual look. 
I recently visited MEMO's Glorietta branch to go office clothes-shopping. After all, I'm already 26 now and I know I couldn't stick to jeans-and-top combis (which I silently dub as my college wear) forever. Would you like to know what I chose? Here's a peek:

Can you tell which one it is among the images above? :)
I haven't had a chance to wear it yet because I'm still on a looong vacation from work. I plan to wear it when I go back, and to tell you the truth, the prospect of being in the office again with this power-dress (that's a clue for you!) on makes me a little bit more excited! ;)

Spice up your wardrobe with fresh and cool pieces from MEMO’s summer collection. Whether you are spending summer in or out of the city, MEMO can make that Urban Escape happen for you.

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