So guess who gets into accidents just by laughing too much?

23 March 2012

Apparently, I do.

I don't have work today but I passed by the office so I can eat brunch with my friends before I head to Taguig for some blog errands and then to SM Mall of Asia for the Coca-Cola Concert ng Bayan tonight. I was in a great mood, joking around with them and telling stories about what happened yesterday :) As my friend Mich and I were walking towards the exit, she told me a very funny story from this morning, and boy, I laughed SO HARD, complete with gestures, that I bumped my head on the post near the door! It was very loud, and Mich and I were so shocked we stood still for a couple of seconds, with her holding me. And then we kinda panicked because I felt blood, but we still couldn't stop laughing LOL. I started feeling the pain and that's when Mich took charge and brought me to the clinic. We were still laughing while walking, with Mich holding me, and even when the nurse has started cleaning my cut forehead we still couldn't stop laughing :D Good thing I didn't suffer a concussion.

And that, my friends, is why I couldn't leave my dear officemates. We have so much fun at work that it doesn't really feel like work at all.

And that is also the story of why I have a big bandage on my forehead, to cover the big lump and cut. I will still go accomplish my blog errands, and I will still go to the concert tonight, but I will make sure I'll pass by a drugstore to buy hydrogen peroxide and bandages.

I need the swelling to be gone tomorrow because I have a photoshoot to attend, so wish me luck :))

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