Red hair and purple nails

17 March 2012

Alternatively titled: I am Krissy Weasley-Everdeen.

I know it's late and I should be sleeping, but I just came from a makeover session by Benefits Style Salon in Eastwood and I couldn't wait to tell you all about it :)

Located at the second floor of Citywalk 2, Benefits is owned and managed by the lovely Rose Ann Ko. I almost got lost trying to find it, but that's only because I rarely go there and because my inner GPS always fails me. Eastwood is quite far from where I live hence the rarity of my visits there, but I've always been fascinated by it. As I told Keigh earlier, I feel like I'm in real-life Sim City whenever I'm there haha.

I arrived there early and was promptly served with tea and cupcakes ♥
The invite sent us included a list of services we could try out, and my eyes sparkled at the sight of full head hair color ♥ If you may remember, I had my hair colored light brown and highlighted red and blonde less than a year ago and then had new highlights a couple of months after that, but they're gone now, either because of fading or of haircuts. Today my hair went through another transformation, lookie lookie.

My "Before" photo
While sitting there, I was also offered a mani-pedi. I had a hard time choosing which color to paint my nails, but in the end I chose Velvet Rope by Orly. Don't you just love being a girl?

This is what my toes look like now :)
Purple nails ♥
Me being very behaved heehee
Full head base color for short hair costs only P1,700.
You have to pay a visit soon because they're having 50% off major services like rebonding, digiperm, and hair color.
The stylists expressed some hesitation before coloring my hair though; you see, after the dye last year faded away, I am left with my natural color - blackest black. They even thought I dyed my hair black! They were worried the colors will not show, but they still went through with it. My stylist, PJ, was very careful in massaging all parts of my head with dye so as not to miss any spots, leaving it on for almost an hour. It was a bit uncomfortable after some parts of my scalp became itchy, but seeing the finished "product", I'd say it was all worth it!! Here's what I look like now:

Do you like it, like it? :)
If you follow me on Twitter you might have read some of my tweets before saying I want to color my hair purple. I really wanted to dye my hair purple earlier but I decided it's not really "summery". Mehehe. I decided to go with this shade of red because it's unique and fierce. And because The Hunger Games movie is coming up ;p I promise to go through with it after this summer!

Thank you so much, PJ, for making my hair look pretty ♥
I attended the event with these lovely ladies:

Martha, me, Tracy, Rose Ann, Robina, Donnarence
Helga and her highlighter-neon pink hair :)
Tracy, me, Ava, Keigh
Robina and Rose Ann
Robina owns and manages Azta Urban Salon while Rose Ann owns and manages Benefits.
I guess beauty (and love for it) really does run in the family :)
BIG THANKS to Benefits Style Salon and the Ko sisters for having us, and to Kira for the referral :) I super love my new hair color!!! Gotta make sure it doesn't fade soon, but when it does, I promise to return for my purple hair. Next time, it's not only my nails that will be purple ♥

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