Postura Project: Walking Rainbow

19 March 2012

Red hair, pale yelllow and gray striped top, purple nails,
sea-green bag.
I'm a walking rainbow! ;)

Top - Penshoppe | Jeans - Penshoppe | Bag - Fabrics in Style | Sandals - Grendha
This is what I wore to the Krispy Kreme event held last Saturday. Since it was a long journey from Navotas to Alabang, I wanted to wear something comfortable. I also figured we would be eating a lot of doughnuts so the slouchy top might come in handy LOL.

FOTD: Red hair, green glittering eyelids, coral lips.
I took this photo using my phone before I left the house :)
Red hair appreciation day! :) I'm hoping the color won't fade away soon, so I'm making sure I use a gentle organic shampoo that promises to take care of colored hair.

Let's pause for a while. Come sit here with me? :)
Postura [noun]
Literally, it translates to posture. But colloquially, “posturang-postura” is an expression used
when someone looks very well dressed. We chose the name because we want
the Postura Project to showcase proud Filipinos garbed in local fashion.


The hope for the Postura Project is to become a portal for Filipino branded fashion and locally inspired looks. Started by four fashionalism advocates Arriane Serafico, Knox Balbastro, Sarah Meier, and David Guison, it has a very simple mission. To get fellow Filipinos to start wearing something Filipino everyday.
To kick-start the movement, we’re posing a challenge to ourselves - to wear something Filipino everyday, for one whole month. This is to show how we’re loud and proud, and we firmly believe that “Made in the Philippines” can be young, fun, and fashionable. We show how it takes very little effort to incorporate a piece of Philippine fashion into your everyday outfit.
Official Website | Like us on Facebook | Follow us on Tumblr | Twitter hashtag: #PosturaPH

Photos were taken at the Ayala Triangle. Thank you for taking my photos, Ed! :)

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