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17 March 2012

You know something's really special if it can make me go to far, far away South, especially on my rest day! Earlier today I attended the launch of Krispy Kreme's newest branch in Alabang Town Center with my friend Ed, and we had a really great time! :)

The Alabang Town Center branch opened just in time for the beloved doughnut brand's 75th birthday. Wow, just imagine how many people they've already made happy with their sweet treats - including the world-famous Original Glazed Doughnuts - in the many years they've been in the business!

As a Baked Creations Theater, this new store is the first in Metro Manila that serves the brand's signature Baked Creations fresh from the oven, everyday, aside from the other doughnut variants we know and love.

Sinfully sweet delights ♥
Brings back so many memories from my college days!
Aside from watching the Krispy Kreme crew make doughnuts,

we also had the chance to decorate them!

We were taught first how to dip the doughnut (slowly but surely), and how many times we need to "tap" them to remove the excess. After that we were told we can have any toppings we wanted. Look at how mine turned out. It's imperfect, but it's just as yummy as the other perfectly-made ones :)

Ed trying it out.
I enjoyed the event with these beautiful people:

Ed | Athan and Ava | Celyn of GeiserMaclang | Ana
Megann was also there but we didn't have a photo together.
I also met a lot of bloggers from other niches!
Whoop-de-doo :))
After the event, Ed and I rode the shuttle back to Makati and just hung out at the park just to talk and catch up. The last time I saw him was at the Coke-Bench event! It was a beautiful day, perfect for friends who love talking :) We took LOTS of photos but I won't be sharing them here anymore mehehe. Here is the last shot we took, though:

Sugar rush!
Tomorrow I'll be in Alabang again because our QC office will undergo building maintenance. I don't know if we'll be able to pass by ATC on our way home because the office shuttle is a little strict. Too bad, it would be nice to show my officemates this new doughnut heaven. But all you guys from the South, visit Baked Creations now and indulge your sweet tooth :)

Thank you, Krispy Kreme!
The tin can contains doughnuts ♥ And the Surprise Mug? I'm also intrigued, let's take a peek.
Oh, so that's why it's called a Surprise Mug!
There's a little surprise at the bottom! Sweeeeeeet :)
Big thanks to GeiserMaclang for inviting me :) Happy 75th anniversary again, Krispy Kreme! Cheers to more years of doughnuts and indulgence! ♥

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