16 March 2012

These coming two weekends and the week sandwiched in between are going to be extremely busy so before things get too cuh-ray-zy I figured a quick personal update would be nice ♥ I am so sleepy so I'm not a good judge of cohesion at the moment, so I'll prolly get back to this tomorrow and edit it. Or maybe not. Maybe I'll just let you read my ramblings hehe.

I am doing great, my family's fine, and I've already adjusted to the changes in the office. I won't receive a bonus at the end of the month (of all the months not to have a bonus, it had to happen at the month before my birthday) but it's okay because we received our Pay Review already and everything's looking good.

In other news, I have begun accepting paid posts. I meant to write a separate post for this but I figured I could just include it here. I hope this doesn't affect the way you read my blog. I will include a disclaimer at the end if I will be receiving money for the specified post, and you can count on me not writing about anything I don't believe in. At anytime I feel that it brings more harm than good then I will gladly stop, but right now, I have to admit the money's good. Besides, I get to practice my copy-writing skills AND introduce cool products to you guys. It's a win-win situation, really. I'd like to hear your thoughts, though. What do you think about paid posts?

The reason why the next coming days will be so busy? Aside from work, there are a lot of cool events that are too great to pass up. For example, tomorrow I will go to the launch of a salon in Eastwood where I will get a new hair color. Yay! :) Also, I will attend a photoshoot with a big local brand next weekend and I am very excited about that! :)

KFC Halo-Halo Krushers is back!!! I was devastated (such a heavy word LOL) when I learned they've stopped serving it after the summer season last year so just imagine my glee at seeing it available again!

Anddd my summer is complete ♥
The Hunger Games movie's Los Angeles and London premieres were held a couple of days ago and ohmygosh did you see what Jennifer Lawrence looked like in both events? Gorgeous golden girl! I love her! The movie will be shown in less than a week and I am super excited to see it! Based on the tweets going around, the movie was GREAT! And it really should, because the time we spent waiting for it should be worth it. And because I have already bought tickets to two separate screenings ;p

The golden ticket
Please don't suck please don't suck please don't suck
I already bought tickets to the March 22/ 3:40 PM screening because that is what my friend who I'll be watching it with picked. I was so tempted to get tickets to the March 21/ 8 PM premiere screening though. I was even willing to watch it alone! But I didn't want him to feel bad. So yeah. And then, Angel offered to watch with me! Angel, who will be coming from far, far away South, to watch the premiere with me. Who can say no to that? And so yours truly will watch it twice. Or maybe more, if the movie is really that good. And that, my friends, is why I am broke. As I said before, books, movies, and books about movies will be the death of my bank account.

I feel like I should say something more, but I don't know what. Ever got that feeling when you feel you were about to say something but the thought escaped you? That's what happened right now. So yeah, the thoughts in this post are very scattered so I think I should just stop talking now and then edit the whole thing tomorrow. Or not. Whatever ;D

Good night, guys! ♥

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