"And we won't go down, this time around."

31 March 2012

I just came from Hanson's concert at the SMART-Araneta Coliseum for their Shout It Out tour and I had a really great time! I am actually typing this from our office as I went straight here because I wanted to blog about it right away and I don't have a functioning laptop in my apartment! I went with Ana who is my blog sister-slash-concert buddy and we both enjoyed reminiscing our elementary days while listening to the three gorgeous Hanson brothers sing some of their songs from 15 years ago! I was fidgeting in the bus on the way here because I couldn't contain my glee and excitement at hearing them sing live! Exclamation points!!!

It's a bit sad that the venue was not packed; there were still a lot of vacant seats, and even my close friend who was a BIG fan since we were ten didn't go. I guess they've already outgrown the trio. As what Ana and I talked about earlier, maybe the two of us really have issues letting go and moving on ;D But I don't care. I will say again and again that Hanson was - and still is - AMAZING, and every penny we spent on the concert tickets was worth it ♥

Isaac, Taylor and Zac made my heart melt. Especially Zac. The way he sang, the way he worked that drumset, the way he smiled oh-so-coyly, and the way he pushed his hair from his eyes... Sigh. I swooned with a thousand other girls.

Marry me, Baby Zac? ♥
I can't say I'm an ultra-super fan, as I didn't even know all of their songs, but it's great to know people who are! Helga, for one. Do you know she waited at the airport until Hanson arrived? And went to EDSA Shang for the presscon? And went to SM North EDSA for the meet-and-greet? And had a lot of air-time at the videowall during the concert earlier, while Hanson was playing Mmmbop? And will go to Cebu tomorrow for their Waterfront gig? Ladies and gents, there's no other way to describe it but love.

With pink-haired Helga outside Araneta after the concert :)
Ultra-super fan or not, I still enjoyed singing along to the songs I do know, and clapping along and enjoying the lyrics of those I don't. My favorites were Where's the Love, Mmmbop, A Song to Sing, If Only, This Time Around, and of course, Penny and Me. I just wish they sang I Will Come To You, but I guess I'll just let that song send me to sleep when I turn in for the night :)

Thank you, Hanson, for going to Manila! I'm soooo happy you're back in the music scene! And yes, please do come back here, but if you could please not wait for another 15 years then that would be awesome LOL.

With Ana. Still on a Hanson high!
90s kids forever!! :)
Another concert experienced and enjoyed with Ana! 90s kids, represent! Can't wait for The Cranberries!!! :)

PS: I wish Aqua, 911 and 5ive will also reunite.

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