Ba-ba-ba Ba-banana!

10 March 2012

Here's a little something to make this weekend a little yellower brighter!

I know we're not even through the first quarter of the year yet, but I am already looking forward to 2013!!!


Why, because of these critters!

I loved Despicable Me so much that I saw it twice in the cinema back in 2010, and I just couldn't get enough of these Minions! Abby even sent me my own Minion all the way from Las Vegas! I got a DVD as a gift for Christmas that year but sadly lost the free keychain when I got mugged :(

They're so cute and funny and adorable and silly, and this short video never fails to make me LOL every time I watch it. And believe me, I have watched it a looooot of times already ;D Ahhhh I just want to squish them!!!

Go and see the first movie if you haven't yet! I swear you'll also want a Minion of your own!

Ba-ba-ba Ba-banana
Tokali lo potatoli
Kari mako manika nochiba
Ba-ba-ba Ba-banana!!

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