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Injured but alive.

So I was still a bit dizzy after my "little" accident yesterday, but I refused to go home and mope and let the day pass. It was a pretty productive day, actually.

Yesterday, I:

was treated to fancy Italian food at Aria Cucina, and I took Ana with me.
Everything was so delicious, but my favorite is the Rucola e pinoli pizza.

had my eyebrows threaded and prettified by Browhaus Manila in Serendra.

opened Happiness with thousands of Filipinos watching the Coca-Cola Concert ng Bayan
either at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds or via online streaming.
Big thanks to my friend Ed for giving us tickets to VIP seats! ♥

I got home a little past 2AM. It was a very tiring, yet fun day. I don't regret going to any of the places I went to yesterday, even though the little bump and cut in my forehead still hurt. You know what I do whenever I feel pain? I just think of Katniss and everything she went through, and then I'm okay again. LOL. Seen the movie yet?

Glad to have spent this day with my dear friends ♥

PS: This is just a very quick rundown of the things I did yesterday. I will post more photos and details in the next coming days :)
PPS: I would love to blog about the shoot we did today but I'm so tired and sleepy so I guess it would have to wait. Here is a sneak peek, though!

I can't wait to blog about it! :)

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