Marvelous March

30 March 2012

One blink, and March is almost over. I can't believe I'll be 26 in exactly A WEEK from now! Eeek! I told myself last year that I'll be prepared this time, but I feel like March zoomed and flew by me, bringing with it lots of rainshowers (which is really weird because, hello Mr. Sun, it's supposed to be summer!)

Now here is a quick recap of what made this March marvelous (post title borrowed from Mimai), in photos ♥ This month, I:

Spent the first weekend of March holed up in Kampo Berde in Tagaytay
with my oldest and dearest friends.
Met up with my friend Regine.
She gave me a hand creme and a lipgloss :)
Met the heroine of my teenage years at a beauty event.
Changed my hair color to red.
Thank you, Benefits Style Salon!
Got into a "little" accident because of laughing too much and had to nurse
a bump and cut on my forehead.
The Sureaid wound care kit and these plasters helped to make sure my wound is cleaned properly
and is safe against infection.
Watched The Hunger Games thrice and wept appreciated it each time.
Enjoyed delicious Italian food at Aria Cucina with my blog sister Ana.
Had my brows prettified by Browhaus Manila.
Took part in a special milestone by going to the Coca-Cola Concert ng Bayan
in celebration of its 100 years.
Drowned in sugar.
Sundae from Pizza Hut
Chai tea dalandan from Green Bean and strawberry shortcake from Sweet Inspirations
Frank's treat :)
Java chocolate cream puff from Chewy Junior
Lime gelato from Gelatissimo
Cheesecake sundae from Mini Stop
Halo-halo pearl shake from Zagu
Drowned in shoes.
Flats from Parisian Comfy line ♥
Became a model for a day ♥
Red-strapped wedges from the Parisian Summer 2012 collection
Wore my Batman Tshirt given by my friend Ed for the first time :)
Went home to a special surprise.
A new mirror installed in my room at my parents' house ♥
Yes, my room's color scheme is blue and pink :)
Celebrated my sister's Elementary graduation.
I don't have photos for it, but I also attended a leadership forum in the office wherein Coach Tim Cone discussed tips about managing winning teams. I would like to share with you guys what I have learned from that talk :)

I also got in touch with someone from my past. I would like us to see each other more often, but I don't know if he feels the same. Probably not. Here's hoping for the best, but I don't want to get my hopes up.

Anyway... What a jam-packed March. Marvelous? Indeed ♥

I will be updating this post because we're not yet done with March ;) I will go to Glorietta later to attend a beauty event, and then head to SMART-Araneta Coliseum for Hanson's concert! And then tomorrow I will go to NBC Tent with my girl friends to participate in the Fitnesse Zumba party! Gotta run now, see you  guys around! ;)

"The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness
from common things."
- Henry Ward Beecher

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