15 March 2012

Ask my friends and they will all tell you that I'm a sucker for trivia. Conversations with me are peppered with bits of information I have either read or heard somewhere - I am such a nerd ;p I don't know where this fascination for learning came from, but I am thankful because I never run out of things to be in awe of :) For today's lesson (LOL), here are some trivia about our biggest organ, our skin:

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You might find the facial toning exercises useful ;)
It's amazing to see how humanity has evolved just by looking at the timeline above. Can you imagine using sandpaper to exfoliate your skin and smooth scars? I most certainly cannot! It's great that we've already let those dated methods of skin care go!

Now we have a lot of beauty items and gadgets that cater to and target specific areas. Whilst I have always stuck to my routine of facial wash and either day cream or night serum (depending on the time), I admit it would be cool to try other products out there. I don't really have problem skin and I rarely get zits but when I do get a case of the pimples during that time of the month, it would be cool to have the Tanda Zap, a portable device that zaps acne using blue light technology. Just look how far we have come: from sandpaper to blue light technology! So awesome!

Tanda offers different products that all aim to take care of your skin, like acne removal, anti-aging, hair removal, and teeth whitening. They also offer free shipping on all orders in USA and Canada so you better check out the site now!

And yes, the irony of the name of the skincare brand and its translation to Filipino is not lost on me ;p

This is a paid post.

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